2020 Privateer Challenge Raffle Now Open!

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  1. I purchased 5 tickets. When my confirmation e-mail came, 2 of my tickets have the same #. What’s up with that? Did I only get 4 tickets for the price of 5? It doesn’t really matter, as long as the money goes to the right place.

    1. Mike, Even though the tickets have the same number, they actually use a different id to make sure they’re unique in the database. You’ll still have 5 tickets in the raffle. Sorry for the error. -Marx

  2. Can I use PayPal to purchase tickets?
    Travis, is there a way for me to use PayPal to buy tickets? I want to be part of the raffle.

  3. how many tickets total and when does the raffle go off. sorry but im prob more broke than any of the privateers but really want a new blew crew bike. mines getting tired. lol

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