Da Links

I do these podcasts with different mx people and love it. The old stories and the way you can get people to open up is amazing. Here's a link to the old ones that were on Racer X Canada, some good stuff here if you don't mind me saying.


This is the all time classic Youtube video, in fact it's this video that probably caused someone to start Youtube in the first place. Serious, I laugh EVERY time I see this. I feel bad for my wife sometimes...


You cannot understate the need to dance and work out your feelings on the dance floor. Or maybe if there is no floor available you just drive your VW out to a factory and have one of the most ridiculous movie sequences ever.


Perhaps the most inspiring training montage ever. What do you do when your manager dies, Clubber Lang beats you to a pulp and you lose your belt? You go back to the roots baby!


 I used to love the Smurfs when I was little, like I had the little figures and stuff. Anyways, I remember that there was an episode that scared the shit out of me and I'd never forgotten it. The Smurfs almost became extinct! It made me very cautious around anyone that was purple and saying "Gnat, gnat". So I asked a bunch of people who claim they loved the Smurfs if they ever saw this episode and nobody had. I was beginning to think I was crazy and so were the people that I was asking. Luckily, I found the episode.


 There's something to be said for a motocross fan to start their own blog and keep it updated constantly. I mean, you're basically doing it for your own enjoyment. The numbers viewed can't be very big but I think it's great these guys do it. These are regular, ticket buying people that have opinions and views just like I have, I'm just lucky to have somebody pay me to do it. I bet I'd be one of these guys if I didn't get paid. Check these out, there's good stuff in here!
http://www.eternaltwostroke.com/   (Scroll down for his MXA letter--just classic!)
http://giopinions.blogspot.com/    (This is Gio from Italy..check out "Your Stories" for more on him)

http://allthingsmx.blogspot.com/   (This guy updates his blog pretty much after every race.)
http://shenzimxsafaris.blogspot.com/ (This is a French guy by way of Africa whose wife is Canadian blog. He's kinda in the industry but works for a RR company. This is good stuff.)

 There's a guy named OCScottie on Vitalmx who keeps these cool old mx videos on his Putfile site (whatever that means). Anyways, check it out-there's some classics on there.


 Perhaps the greatest song ever, perhaps the greatest guitar solo ever. Behold Eddie and Sammy...


 This is RXI's Jason Weigandt's old blog. He sold out to "The Man" and went huge and I started reading these before I knew him. I just knew we'd be buddies forever, it was the type of humor that I like and maybe that's why we get along so well. Read all of these if you're ever up and can't sleep.


So you get your title back, all is good but then your trainer gets killed by a crazy Russian beast. You have to fight the beast...in Russia...on x-mas...but here's your training program!


 This is so incredibly cheezy that I had to put it in here. I've been to Dortmund Germany and know what the crowd is like. The best is Ron Lechien in it doing no leggers like it's no one's business. I asked him about this race and he has no idea what I'm talking about.


 He has no idea about this race either. The end of the 90's were a big puff of smoke for the Dogger.


 Here's a bunch of crashes all filmed in Canada. Watch the guy at 1:20-just classic.


 Johnny O'Hannah sent this to me, it's Grand Prix footage from 1988 featuring the legendary Hakan Carlqvist stopping for a beer while racing Namur in Belgian. I've heard some great stories about Carla, from trying to bury his bike in front of Japanese engineers to punching a hole right through a van door. The guy sounds like somebody you didn't want to be around when the bike wasn't working to satisfaction.


 You watch this video of one of the greatest hockey players ever and if you don't tear up, you don't have a heart. Just absolutely spine chilling how he carried a city on his back night after night.


 You must order this DVD, it saved my life. Look on Ebay first as it's pretty cheap on there. I've given copies to Stanton, Kehoe and Lechien. It's so good!


 This is 1984 Seattle supercross with Larry Huffman announcing. The gate is full of motocross legends and Larry asks the crowd if "The Canadian champ Pederson can win". I just like that Huffman put Rollerball in the same sentence as O'Mara, Ward, Bailey, Barnett etc. He knew.