Mission Statement

Look people, I write a lot of crap and probably 50% of my drivel is just that-crap. I always wanted to have a place for stuff that didn’t make it onto the prime time places (DMX, TWMX and whomever else I sell out to for a few bucks.) I wanted to start my own site called pulpmx.com but realized that it’s a ton of work to build a site, I don’t know what I’m doing in regards to the technicalities of having a site and I don't wanna upset anyone so no ads...for now (unless I sell out). Just somewhere you can go and read about motocross and other stuff away from the distractions of the real world. Think of this page like that old treehouse that you had as a kid, you know where you first saw a Playboy and played rod hockey. (Maybe that was just me?) Sometimes the stuff that I think is crap can have something in there that makes somebody, somewhere laugh or can present a fact that nobody had ever thought of before. And then that makes my crap readable and worth it for someone out there.

So that’s basically what this page is about, it’s a place to put crap and also a place to put some of the stories and articles that I’m most proud of. I’m also going to put in some links to things that I like or think are funny (first up, the monkey who picks his butt and smells his finger, causing him to fall off the branch-just can’t get enough of that) as well I’m going to post some things that took me forever to do and then didn’t get the exposure they deserve. That might be everything I write if you ask my wife. I figure it’s like a comprehensive place for all things Matthes. Some of you that have emailed me requested some place like this yet others have wished I would die and go to hell. Just an F.Y.I this is probably not a place to read for those of you in the latter group.

I want to thank "Party" Marty for building this site, he's the reason it happened and although I've never met him, he seems like a great guy on AIM (watch, he'll turn out to be a serial killer).  So enjoy, look around and because I’m too lazy to put a lot of work into this thing, leave me a comment and I’ll put some of your crap up there also. We’ll all be little crap buddies on this site.


**disregard that stuff about ads....I decided, after having some of my industry people ask, that I'll do some. Hey, Trump probably never turned down cash!**