Motocross History

Thanks for clicking on this. Check out the tabs on the right for more of what goes here. The "Tell Us a Story..." features have been pretty popular so check those out. I've got some old photos of when I raced, some old photos that readers have sent me and some stories that I'm particually proud of that aren't on this site. Some readers sent me some stories that they wrote so I've got these things up here as well.

I worked out a high-tech formula to figure out the best supercross racers of all time so click on the "Best Racers" tab as well I went through some old magazines and got a feel for the times in there. Check out the "Moto Mags" button there on the right.

And of course there's a photo homage to Ross "Rollerball" Pederson, my favorite rider when I was a kid and a Canadian moto legend.

If you have some old photos or old stories, send them through using the contact tab above. Thanks!