My Stories

Here's a place where I can insert some of my favorite things I've typed. You know how you look at something in your place and are "Why don't I just throw that away?" but yet, strangely, you cannot. That's what these stories are to me.

I did a sx preview column one night when I was all strung out on Hawkins cheezies and coffee. Nobody asked for it, and as far as I knew nobody would run it. It was a homage to a hockey column I used to read as a kid written by a guy named Jay Greenberg, something where you would use the news of the year and make fun of people and places. So I did it, submitted to DC at Racer X and asked him what he thought. He liked it but at the same time, said it was too long and that everybody would want to kill him if he ran it (because many, many people take themselves so very seriously in a sport that can't beat womens bowling in the ratings). I was bummed but understood, it was a little out there. Later that night he called me and said that after talking it over with Weege, he was going to run it with a few changes (all the changes were fine, I probably would've gotten maimed or at least beat up bad had the original got out) so he ran it and I got a ton of compliments and mail from it. Of course I forwarded them to DC so he knew that the favor he did me was appreciated.

That particular column you cannot find anymore (old RXI site) but I did another one for the outdoors that RXC ran because I got it in a little late to RXI. These things were a ton of work so I didn't do them for 2009 but I should've.
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I've always liked Bench Race Ammo on RXI, it's mostly put together by Billy Urisc over there and he's a walking stats book for motocross. And a pretty fast rider at that. Anyways, I was half asleep on a plane somewhere and thought about all the "RC is great" stories that were out there because he was retiring. So I decided to compare RC with Rollerball, I came up with this after some fact checking and wrote it so tongue in cheek it was ridiculous. That didn't stop people from writing into RXI and saying I was an idiot and how could I say that...blah...blah. Racer X even ran a letter in the mag from one person. Unbelievable to me but I guess they say people will believe anything if it looks official. And this proves that. Oh and I also got a nasty letter from Canadian champ Carl Vaillancourt for me saying that Ross threw him a bone in the 500's one year. Carl's "defence" was that Ross's bastard CR500 motor in RM250 frame was equal to his KX500. Oh the french...
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 This was a column that I did for Cycle News and as of late January I'm not even sure if they have used it yet. It's something that I feel strongly about as I've been on some shady teams with managers that I was not likely to follow into battle, if ya get my drift. There's nothing more important (well ok, maybe hiring the riders) as having a good respected manager for your team.
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 This column got me in trouble with some teams and riders that just didn't see it my way. There was a massive mudder in Morden MB during the CMRC Canadian national and the teams and riders boycotted because they didn't want to ruin their bikes, the mud was dangerous, etc, etc (yet the privateer guys were in staging, waiting to race) and although the boycott worked, there was a moto run with some local guys that paid something. Anyways, I think the teams were more upset with the CMRC and things that had been happening then the actual mud. And let's not forget the CMRC dropped the ball approximately 845 times on this muddy day as well. It was a shit-show to be sure but the good thing is this race got the CMRC and teams together to have an open forum for issues that each are having. I stand by this column and still believe in what I wrote, 2 years later.
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 Here is an old RXC column that I did about my first pro race...when I was 14. It was a crazy night that I'll never forget.
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This is a Cycle News column that I did last season when Josh Hansen got released from JGR. It was sad more then anything to me that a kid who was clearly on his last chance, just couldn't put the work in on a team that gave him everything. It was sad and I thought I'd write about him sitting there, 10 years from now wondering what the hell happened. As you can imagine, he didn't like it and called me at home wanting to fight me, he said I was fat, I was a shitty mechanic and basically wouldn't let me get a word in at all. He said his grandparents cried when they read this, which made me wonder why he couldn't look in the mirror and maybe realize this was the perception out there of him. I had more then a handful of very important industry VIP's tell me this was the best thing they ever read. Serious.
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This is pretty funny (well to me anyways) because it shows that I always wanted to be a mx writer or something like that. When I worked for Nick Wey in 2002 I met the VRM guys who do riders websites. They did Nick's and I asked them if I could contribute to the site. They were pumped and I started doing these columns called "Behind the Board" because I was behind the pit board...because I was a mechanic...get it? Good. Anyways scroll down the main page to 2002 stuff and you'll see them. I was a little harsher but again, you can see the raw talent I had in typing stuff down. I'm kidding. Two of the betters ones are the "Unobtainable Van" and "Daytona"
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