Old Ass Moto Pictures of Me

Thank God "Moto" is in the title... (This was actually inserted by the web guy, a regular Chris Rock I tell ya-SM)

This is where it all started for me. The dreaded 1982 RM 80, the visor-less helmet, and the offical Factory Suzuki jersey that my pops probably paid 2 gajillion dollars for because it had the big "S" on it. I remember that I would ride all day and we had a jump where my dad just dug a hole and piled dirt in front of the hole. It was my arch enemy, the jump from hell that, to me, may as well have been a sx triple. I would ride around it and my dad would ask me to jump it and I would exclaim "I did", even though he plainly saw me ride around this jump 2 minutes before. I'm sure the jump was probably four feet or something. I also started loving the Bomber this year because we were, like, teammates on the yellow squad.


Here I am on my 1984 YZ80 that I got new in 84. My dad made me ride this thing for 3 years 'cause my brother was faster and getting all the glory and nobody cared about my beat down YZ. I'm kidding...kind of.
This is at the famed Austin sand track, just bottomless beach sand and rough as hell. Clearly I was more worried about my speed then style as my goggle strap is not looking so good. The chest pro was a Yoko and my brothers hand me down. My brother was too busy chasing 250 Novice glory so nobody cared that it was missing a bunch of panels and I could've got a handlebar in the gut and died.




Here I am four years later, a tad too big for the bike but chasing glory at the Canadian Amateur Championships in Duncan BC. My brother had retired so my dad bought me 2 (!?!) KX 80's, one for practice and one for racing. I wore number 17 in honor of Wendel Clark but for this race I was #77 and my bro hooked up the sweet electrical tape job. I was a big JT guy, hence the boots, pants and chest pro. I had the matching jersey but it was probably dirty. The jersey I am wearing in this photo was actually "Mad" Mike Jones' from an arenacross earlier this year in Saskatoon (which I won...beating future Canadian champ Blair Morgan in the process). I got 3 Bieffe helmets this year because they were cheap and pops figured that all three cost the same as one Moto-4. The things were hideous but I tried to spruce it up with a TLD flo-green visor. It didn't work...


This is me getting radical on my 1986 KX 125. This was in '88 but dad thought I needed an older 125 to get me started (not quite ready for the new ones, apparently) and this was at buddy Ennsco's place. Many hours spent there honing the skills. Notice the AXO motif...I wasn't scared to wear competing brands, I must've been in between contracts. Also notice, still wearing the Beefy helmet and of course me getting absolutely flat.



I think this was the same day as the pic above but I must not be "getting radical" and was probably just pounding out the motos. Hence the V-2000 to keep me safe. Good form here for sure. Notice the Maxima sticker on the visor even though I NEVER used Maxima. That was the thing back then, you just stuck a cool sticker on, sponsorship be dammed.I keep looking on Ebay for a V-2000 to just keep in my den but I lose out at the last second. Oh well, one day...



Here it is, 1990 and I'm in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan racing an early season race. The photo wasn't the greatest so I zoomed in. Sorry about the quality but if you're enough of a moto monkey to still be reading this far down, chances are you don't care. My dad picked me up from school and took me to the bank where he co-signed a loan for $13,000 (surprise!) and I bought 3 new CR's that year. 125, 250 and a mighty 500. I actually got help from Honda Canada this year in the form of a cheap "Come Ride With Us" bike. I think I tore my ACL on this day also. Ahhhh, to be 16 years old, 13 grand in debt and a torn ACL. Good times.


I was getting heavily into thinking I could actually be a pro racer at this point. I sent a Shoei helmet to the guy that did Lamson's helmet and after exchange, taxes and duties it came to like $700 just for the paint job. I opened it up and it looked just like Lammys! It was like the dude just had one pattern that he knew how to paint. I also picked #762 'cause it looked cool on Kiedrowski's Honda the year before. I went with a Sinisalo/AXO combo this year but that was ok because Wardy did the same thing. They were like sister companies or something. I don't want to brag or anything like that but I decimated the competition this year in Manitoba and even won the Canadian 500 Novice title. Those titles and $4.65 will get me my coffee from Starbucks.


Goon Strap

look at the goon strap in that second picture. worst I have ever seen


Matthes, you are a funny fucker. Man, I laughed so hard reading your captions!
- Maeda

I remember that race in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

Hey Steve you are right about that race, I remember you were about twice as fast as the local hero, I think you lapped him and then went for this horrific Endo on a down hill, bike flipped about a dozen times, and at the end you stopped rolling alongside of it with your hand on the throttle! Got up in last place and passed everyone in a few laps, then got moved back (after local hero’s protest) 5 places for "cutting" the track! They sure didn’t like Manitoba’s riders there huh. Even the local experts were complaining about that stupid one sided ruling. Anyway even with the injury, acl tear, you went out and blew them all away in the second moto, and we went home with Honda money!! Like I said a for effort Steve.PoPs

82 RM 80


What did you think of that 82 RM 80. A friend of mine had that bike when I was riding a 78 YZ 80. That RM was a quantum leap from my 78 and I thought it was the baddest bike on the planet at the time if you could keep it in the power band somewhere above 10KRPM!.

RM 80 1982

opps I I was going to comment on the 1982 RM 80 but now my foggy memory recalls im going to talk about a 1983 rm 80.

well my brother rode a '83" RM 80. It to this day was one of the bet turning bikes and would wind out like the top end would never quit.

Now in 2010 I ride a 2003 RM125. Like the 80cc suzuki builds fun bikes. I miss racing 80's

82 RM80

Garageman, I don't remember too much about it as I was coming off a RM50 and was proably scared to death of the power. Remember, I wouldn't jump a four foot jump! I do know that the 81 and 82 RM's were considered amazing by all the magazines so not sure why the 80 would be any different.


Steve that pic of u on the KX 80 was 1988 @ Duncan! #45 behind u is Tom Depaggie form Edmonton. I need to upload a few pics, tell me how. I have us on the line there almost side by side! I actually rember u there, this is awsome!!

Cal Nowicki

Rocket Cal

I watched Cal come up through the rank's and he was an absolute rocket on an 80 all the way up to pro. Memory's of him and his pop's[a totally cool cat] at the races. Ah yes, the good old day's. Just to think Cal's an old fart now just seems weird, but one of coolest cat's you'll ever meet, no doubt about it. One of the best senses of humour around. Too often everyone was way to tense at the races, Cal definately was not one of them. Hope all is well Cal.