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The two Jason's join me for Washougal to rap
Washington brought out the best in the racers today
JT & Pookie join me to look at Washougal after practice

JT$ and Matthes cover a great battle from 2005 for you.

Canard, Alex Martin, Jeremy Martin and Jimmy Albertson Archive

I’ve been thinking about an odd comparison for a while, my TV guide pushed me over the edge for this weeks topic.

The two Jason's join me to talk about Millville

The two winners and some other fast guys talk about their day

Lots of riders happy with their days, some not so much.

Uhhh, yeah....we watched "practice" and did this pre-race podcast. Yeah, that's it.

A great show with Ryan Dungey. Here's some video mojo.

Lots to talk about with one of the greatest writers in our sport

Thomas delivers the goods on the 250 class with five rounds remaining

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