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Don't call it a comeback, call it a rebirth...
Berluti. Our Hero.
JT and Matthes debate how Villopoto's going to do in Europe

Our man Moser talks about a couple of riders that came up Just Short or had Shortcomings at Southwick. Something like that.

Wacky race at the 'Wick- here's everything that went down and then some.

The Southwick review is here with discussion of MXdN as well.

Weege, the guy that went 21-22 at Southwick and myself rap about the 'Wick

For as much as we hear people talking about the MXdN and how the US doesn’t have a National track that can even be considered prep for Lommel, the reality of Southwick this year was even less of a comparison than any year before. 

Post-race interviews brought to you by Pro Circuit with Baggett, Barcia, Brown, Byrne, Dowd, Musquin, Rattray, T Hahn, Tomac and W Hahn.

Southwick was very exciting in both classes. Here's a bunch of dudes talking all about it.

Andy White, Team Manager for KTM discusses the team and series.

Our man McCready gives us his recap of the Czech GP. Go Osborne!

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