Hanny, Metcalfe, Reed and more ? answered...
There are some real beauties in here
Yes, Hanny came on and was great
Privateer Adam Enticknap talks about love & racing his dirt bike

JT and The Weege join me to break down Houston

We caught up with Adam out at the RV Facility and caught this rare glimpse of his hectic days.

The second stop in Texas brought a tough track, crashes and cautious riding.

A trio of riders talk about their Houston SX

The two winners and a few more talk about their Houston race

Weege, JT and I break down what we saw in practice today...oh & Kevin Windham joined us for a bit

Jason Thomas and Michael Byrne discuss the upcoming Houston SX

JT and NYK are featured during another 25 min clip of ShowPRO fun.

Finally, Martin Davalos' time is here

Ah St. Louis...the motor city.

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