Beautiful day in the Pac West, here are some dudes talking about it
Presented by N-Fab/ Fro & Perebijnos join me to talk Washougal
Washougal is already an amazing event, but adding a special race just for 125's is pure gold...
RCH has battled to get in the position they are in this year but is it enough?

Want to know what some VIP's thought after Redbud?

Great day of racing, here are some jerkies talking about it

An unscripted interview with an underrated personaiity in the sport.

Want to win your fantasy league? Listen to this

3 dudes, 1 Samsung.  It is already entertaining enough to interview an Albertson... but two at the same time??  Only for this week's Shorty's.

Story and Photos by James Lissimore

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