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Bradley Lionnet "wins"
The lytics are back!
Rocky Mountain/Pro Taper/Scott

This should be fun. Hang on and check it out. Thanks to CStone for the shots

Wow, I guess we knew it was coming. I suppose I wouldn't have shown up at Steel City either if I had this to face.

Along with 363 days (2 for time served already) he also gets three years probation for assault with a deadly weapon. Ironically, the guy he assaulted is his buddy and spoke up for him at the court proceedings today. With Jason's priors, it seems that everything has caught up to him.

Button-Fly and Matthes discuss the current state of the MX industry and where it could improve; a little discussion about some of his riders as well.

Chances are you weren't at Steel City this past weekend. Well, after reading this, consider yourself to have basically been there. Go ahead and even tell your buddies you went. Thanks to The Stoneman for the pics.

The Red Bull Honda Racing team manager fills us in.

Here we go, some shots and info from a wild race at MX338. Thanks to Stone for the shots.

Michael Byrne is a good dude. He tries hard, is a great rider and does everything on and off the track the right way. He's an Australian that has come to America and adopted his new country. He's engaged to an American girl, likes Chick-fil-A, lives in Georgia and has a bull. That's just some of the reasons why you should cheer for him. I called him up on Sunday and did an interview with him but I pushed the wrong button on the recorder because I'm kind of dumb. So he called me back up to answer the same questions again! That's another reason why you should like him.

The Flyin Freckle steps in with the longest podcast yet, and why not, think of his history in motorcycles in general.

Another installement with a photo from Chris Hultner's archives. Thanks to Chris for sending this through and thanks to Mitch for talking about it.

Thanks to C Stone for the shots and away we go...

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