Keefer tells you what's up with blue
I didn't go but I have lots of thoughts!
Jake Weimer takes us through his podium finish

Thanks to Julian Eyers for these shots. Check out his website for more on this race.

The rolling tank speaks about Germany, Tiger Woods, his Suzuki and some other things.

Take a look at the stories of 1984 through Motocross Magazine's eyes. If anyone has the missing issues, lemme know and I'll get them up here.

Thanks to readers Ruben, DJ and Johnny O'Hannah for sending in shots of their crap. Check it out.

Last week on Racer X I did an Observations of the December 1983 issue of Motocross Magazine. In there I wrote about the Lakewood Colorado national an unknown guy named Gene Gentsch finishing eighth. Well...

Remember when Josh Hansen rode for Hart and Huntington? I found this video of him back then.

Something new I thought we'd try here. Bring your questions about stuff.

I took a lot of heat (some from Tony himself) on THIS story but I like to think that Roger DeCoster backed up alot of what I had to say in it on his appearance on the DMXS radio show last night. He seems to agree with what I said. You be the judge.

When I ran those photos of reader Ruben's stuff he sent in, I started thinking about my stuff that I have here. Then I started thinking that maybe some of you might be interested in my stuff the way I was into Ruben's stuff. So send me some of your stuff if you want and we can all look at each others stuff. That may sound gross but it's not like that.

My buddy Trevor hooked me up with this sweet shipment from the motherland.

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