Kuestions and Ansrs
SX champ! Off-road Champ!
My old rider and I connect to walk down memory lane

 For the last few years, Racer X has run a Power Rankings where various industry people would vote on who was the best rider in the sport at that particular moment. Then they would tabulate the votes and have one of the editors on staff write a little caption about why a particular rider was ranked where he was.

With a promotion to the 450 for Indianapolis, GEICO Honda's Trey Canard is now Honda Red Bull Racing's Trey Canard.

Are up over at TWMX. Click HERE to go there.

All the action from last night that's fit to listen to. Good show!

Just click on that banner above at 6pm PST for all the action.

Payton talks about his night and how his season has been going.

I honestly didn't think about the irony of just interviewing these two. Seriously.

Oh yeah, theres more...

Let's try this again shall we?

I went to the dealer show and talked to some dudes. Info on the interviews after the jump.

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