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Bradley Lionnet "wins"
The lytics are back!
Rocky Mountain/Pro Taper/Scott

Those 1988 RM 250's were known to be just killers. Too bad for this guy he didn't get the memo. UPDATED--This guy is desperate as he placed an ad on another site..even funnier.

Weege is going to try and post this first but truly, I noticed it before he did. My only recourse to beat him to the punch is to post this picture here. Too bad for me, RXI probably gets more hits than Pulp but oh well.

The champ speaks after the race and amazingly enough, he doesn't tell me to get lost.

 Any regular reader of mine would know that I often include a friend of mine, Fireman Ron, into my stories and travels. He’s about eight years older than me but it seems that mentally, we’re on the same wavelength. He’s a superfan of moto, much like myself.

 This past weekend in Una-f’ing-Dilla there was a retro theme and some teams and riders really did it up big-time. It was cool to see and in some way, was maybe a bit neater than the SX one a couple years back.

I was up on Canada this weekend at the final round of the CMRC National in Walton Ontario and I brought this guy up with me. Here's a few shots...

Ping-a-ling checks in with some thoughts on a couple of pictures I stole off Google images.

MDK KTM’s Justin Brayton might be one of the most underrated guys out there on the circuit today. The soft-spoken Iowan just seems to be getting better and better.

James talks about his X-Games experience, his plans to race the Australian SX and his lovers and haters on VitalMX.

Check out this awesome buy that Brett found in Nashville. If you have something you want to send in, it's steve [at] directmotocross [dot] com

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