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This is also known as the "Steve's not feeling creative this week" column. So check these out...

These aren't that old but I'm proud of them and thought people might like to read this that are new to the site. A look back at 1988 through the eyes of MXA. A look back at 1983, 1984 and 1985 with Motocross Magazine that earned me a letter from then-editor Ketchup Cox telling me I did good.

Check out the Suzuki kid and I talking about stuff right HERE.

In this revealing podcast, Matthes calls up Suzuki's Austin Stroupe to talk about his year of second places, his 450 debut, his off-track troubles and what he would tell an up and coming amateur wh

Matthes talks to Jeremy Albrecht, Larry Brooks, Ryan Sipes and Mitch Payton before the race and then Tim Ferry (!), Michael Byrne and the Atlanta Falcon's Jerious Norwood after the race.

Matthes talks to Kevin Windham before the Toronto Supercross and then Trey Canard and Lites winner Justin Barcia afterwards.

Always loved the cuting edge way they would bring you the news.

I was checking out my web stats the other day since the beginning of the year and found out an interesting thing.

Listen in to what The Lizard has to say about the upcoming GP season right HERE.

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