Keefer tells you what's up with blue
I didn't go but I have lots of thoughts!
Jake Weimer takes us through his podium finish

Take a listen to this fascinating chat I have with my brother Jason. We cover the FMF Honda days (to prove I wasn't lying), his love of vintage bikes, how his qutting motocross got me a factory ride, we count up the bikes we've owned and so much more.

Thanks to Julian Eyers for sending these shots from the Sydney and Canberra rounds of Reedy's SX series in.

JS7 discusses his Bercy experience and subsequent sickness, the fans, the internet forums and speculation on what to expect starting at A1 in 2010.

JT$ (#51 here) busts out a holeshot and a great story for us.

Matthes catches up with British MX Legend Dave Thorpe who is presently rider liaison for CCM. Thorpy is a very humble racer with great insight into the mind of a World Champion.

Check it out plus "Memories of Rollerball" and "Old-ass Pictures of You" have been updated.

Sign up and follow pulpmx on Twitter! Lot's of information, much of it useless but a few gems here and there.

 Inspired by ESPN Magazine’s column with an anonymous NFL player on how life in the NFL really is, I thought that I’d try to do the same thing. I called a couple of riders and promised anonymity if they would go off about whatever topic they wanted. This one chose to let the people know all about the money and what to say to people who think riders are overpaid.

 Ping gave me his recap of his brief time at FMF Honda and then I figured I'd give my memories. Thanks to Chris Hultner for the photo.

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