The scene? Perris GFI Invitational 1998. The rider? Nick Wey. The manager? Mitch Payton. One photo, two stories.

Okay, so it's actually a three-fer this week. Matthes chats with longtime GP racer Josh Coppins just a few days before the GP opener in Bulgaria this weekend.

Listen in as Goose and I talk about a bunch of stuff. We have so much in common, just a ton of race wins between us. Check it out over at TWMX right HERE.

This past weekend at Jacksonville, a nice bloke from England found me in the pits and gave me some old magazines with the hopes that some of the stuff finds it way onto this site. People helping people, people! Here are a few old-school ads from those mags along with some other stuff.

Head on over to TWMX to see what I thought about the J-Ville Supercross. It's all right HERE.

One of the coolest guys in the pits, EJ and I talk about his job at Monster, starting Racer X and a bunch more. Go HERE to listen to it.

Check it out right HERE. Thanks to Reedy, Watson, my buddy Justin and everyone who listened. No show next week by the way.

In a two-fer this week! Matthes gets the winningest mechanic in AMA history on the line to discuss what its like being just that.

Matthes calls up Monster Energy's Eric Johnson, a legend in moto-journalism who is used to being on the other side of the mic

We've got the two-two on the line tonight.

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