Post race interviews with Michael Byrne, Tim Ferry and Jerious Norwood of the Atlanta Falcons (?!?) who was there just hanging and checking out the action. Seemed like a cool guy.

Listen in as Troy Adams talks about his season, Mitch Payton speaks about Dean Wilson, Ryan Sipes talks about Dallas, Larry Brooks talks Hill, the outdoors and when Stewie's coming back and Jeremy Albrecht talks Justin Brayton and some food talk thrown in when we're interupted. Some good information in here. Thanks for checking it out.

I asked a privateer to tell me about how life really is as a guy trying to make it. I promised anonymity and he gave me this.

Check it out right HERE. Thanks for listening.

This week on The Steve Matthes Show, Matthes calls up JGR Communications Specialist (and 2002 125 West Supercross Champion) Travis Preston just to check in.

Yo, go on over to and check out what I thought of Dallas right HERE.

Normally Steve interviews some riders after the race, but it was cold so he just wanted to get the hell out of there.

Check it out right HERE. Lindsey, Matthes, Watson, Canard and the Weege all talking moto.

The big show has some big names tonight!

Normally I interview some riders after the race but it was so cold I just wanted to get the hell out of there. So I got Transworld Motocross Editor-in-Chief Donn Maeda to give me his opinion on what went down. Oh and some other stuff.

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