Keefer tells you what's up with blue
I didn't go but I have lots of thoughts!
Jake Weimer takes us through his podium finish

A while back I asked for some reader stories and I'll run a few of these in the next little while. Here's one from Kevin Sleeth.

Cleaned out my inbox and some of my own stuff.

 Well, we’ve done the 80’s, the 90’s and now, with the close of the decade, we can figure out the best supercross racer of the Y2K decade. All the incredibly sharp and in focus photos by Carl Stone.

Jean-Michael Bayle is a legend in the sport of supercross and was hanging out in the pits at Bercy. It seemed that he couldn't go more than ten feet without someone wanting to talk to him or get a photo with the 3-time national champion. Here's a short little interview I managed to do before he was interupted again.

Pure comedy, wait until you see the film we made. I'm not sure if it will be on here or RXI but I'll keep you guys posted.

Here's my day 2 Bercy Blog. I'm 24 hours behind with this. This was all on Friday...

Thanks to JGR's Tim Dixon for this little joke...

He seemed rather busy at the time but still took the time to talk, what a swell guy.

A legend of the old school, Marty Smith covers his career and his schools in this episode.

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