James Berger catches up with the main players from round one
Keefer and his band of riders run the bikes through
Some people share memories of the late great champ

This week on the BTOSports.com TWMX Podcast Show, Matthes puts a call in to one of the founding fathers of motojournalism, long-time editor Rick Sieman!

The scanner in the Matthes house has been busy.

Call into 702-586-PULP (7857) between 2 & 3 PM PST and we can talk all about the supercross season. Hit me up! Just let it ring and I'll get to you.

That's the amount that the purse for a supercross race has gone up per year since 1991. Take a look at these interesting stats.

He's alive and well and seems happy with his decision to retire as you can hear in this audio interview.

Byrner talks about his switch to JGR Yamaha and how he still loves EKS (X) Brand googles. I might have made that last part up.

Just in case you're one of those IPOD people, there are a few of them out there. Information after the jump...

Ivan Tedesco and we had Kenny Watson in studio for the usual yuks that he provides. Check it out HERE.

Some heavy hitters on the show and you can listen in tonight.

Long-time Factory Honda wrench Danny Betley has done it all. From working for Jeff Stanton to selling tools to building motors every week.

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