I caught up to KW today (literally) to get his take on Toronto.

So I went to the Hockey Hall of Fame here in Toronto. My guests were Jeremy Albrecht, Jason Weigandt and Alan Brown. Take a look at a couple of shots and listen to me interview them afterwards about it. Beware, if you're Canadian, you might get sick to your stomach.

Steve gets a fair amount of letters from people who want him to do a podcast with... himself. So he decided to call up a long time reader and regular helper, Kevin Husted.

This week Matthes calls up a guy who has done it all, Randy Lawrence.

We did it. We made it. And here's the evidence.

I get a fair amount of letters from people that want me to do a podcast with...myself. So I decided to call up a guy that's been reading my stuff for a while and helps me out from time to time. Listen in as Kevin "Swizcore" Husted and myself talk about all things Matthes, his love of Brock Tickle, the podcast shows and a bunch more stuff.

My take from the Daytona supercross and so much more. It's all right HERE bro. Thanks to Transworld MX for everything.

Good show last night, I was pumped on both of our guests. They seemed happy even! Check it out right HERE.

How is Mike Alessi and the all new KTM 350 going to fare this summer? I'm not sure so I asked some people that are smarter than me.

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