Had some more fun today.

I also went here last year, check it out HERE. As far as the 2010 visit, well please read on.

Check it out...more to come from down here in Florida!

Check it out over on Transworld Motocross...just one click HERE and it'll all be over soon.

This week on the BTOSports.com TWMX Podcast Show, Matthes calls up Le Cobra in France to get his thoughts on the SX season, his foray back to America with Gauthier Paulin, Mike Alessi and the KTM 3

Listen in as Josh Hill, Dean Wilson and Christophe Pourcel talk to me about their race. Y'know the Google tells me that you guys aren't really listening to these things. Is there a problem? Is this something we need to talk about?

He put up a big fight but in the end, RV managed to get by him.

We go behind the story of this famous ad.

And I use the term "studio" lightly.

 For the last few years, Racer X has run a Power Rankings where various industry people would vote on who was the best rider in the sport at that particular moment. Then they would tabulate the votes and have one of the editors on staff write a little caption about why a particular rider was ranked where he was.

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