Let's try this again shall we?

I went to the dealer show and talked to some dudes. Info on the interviews after the jump.

Please excuse the sound screw-ups in the beginning. New laptop, different settings apparently. Check it out right HERE. Thanks for listening and for all your future Motoworldracing.com purchases.

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 Recently Davey Coombs brought this story up on DMXS and that was followed by Steve Cox mentioning it in an interview. Before all this I found a picture in Racer X and then after the above happened, I got a couple of emails from people wondering what the story was. So here, to the best of my knowledge and memory, is what happened April 26th, 2003.

Steve Matthes and Josh Hill talk turkey this week on the BTOSports.com Podcast Show.

Yeah that's right. Check out the sticky to the right there and post some stuff, let's talk. Let's all remember to give thanks to Vital MX for having the best forum out there right now. Think of this like the LA Clippers of MX chatboards.

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