A theory on old vs new
Presented by Truck Hero/Pro Taper/GET-JT & Brayton talk Millville
Rocky Mountain/Pro Taper/Scott
First impression of the new big red

 The Golden Boy shares with us his recollection of Anaheim 1986. Photo courtesy of RXI archives. Move over or click on the picture to super-size it.

Another installment where some riders might get a tad upset at me. Thanks to CStone for the shots.

The sticky to the right..past the BTO Sports ad (please click on that and buy something, it'll help me feed my foster dogs. Tugs right at your heart huh?) and check out the first entry.

Just think, this is the very first thing that everyone sees upon entering the track.


This should be fun. Hang on and check it out. Thanks to CStone for the shots

Wow, I guess we knew it was coming. I suppose I wouldn't have shown up at Steel City either if I had this to face.

Along with 363 days (2 for time served already) he also gets three years probation for assault with a deadly weapon. Ironically, the guy he assaulted is his buddy and spoke up for him at the court proceedings today. With Jason's priors, it seems that everything has caught up to him.

Button-Fly and Matthes discuss the current state of the MX industry and where it could improve; a little discussion about some of his riders as well.

Chances are you weren't at Steel City this past weekend. Well, after reading this, consider yourself to have basically been there. Go ahead and even tell your buddies you went. Thanks to The Stoneman for the pics.

The Red Bull Honda Racing team manager fills us in.

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