Rocky Mountain/Pro Taper/Scott
Interesting guy and an E-Bike specialist!

A legend of the old school, Marty Smith covers his career and his schools in this episode.

Thanks to Scott's John Knowles for reminding me that I'm so smart.

 We track down the marketing guy from Wulfsport to find out what they were thinking with this ad.

Something bugging you? Got an opinion on a rider, a track or even how much I suck? Would it be the thrill of a lifetime to get something published on here?

Let's see how smart you people really are...

I don't normally post PR's on this site but Jason Baker is a friend of mine and builds some sweet-ass tracks (or maybe it's traxxs?) so I thought I'd throw this up here.

Got this letter from a Jeff Emig podcast listener.

 Since the “Greatest Supercross Riders of the 80’s” was such a hit, I decided to do one for the 90’s as well as the Y2K's. Hard to believe that we’re through a decade already here in the ‘00’s, it seems like it was yesterday that I was raiding my local Walgreens for batteries and cup of soups to survive the impending meltdown of the world.

Thanks to Matt for sending this in.

 Inspired by the Swedish dude Magnus’s Euro rider 1980’s column right HERE, I decided to do my own figuring of who would be the greatest American supercross riders of the 80’s.

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