Rocky Mountain/Pro Taper/Scott
Interesting guy and an E-Bike specialist!

 Another installment of the hit series. You can drag over the shot to make it bigger. Thanks to Chris Hultner for the shot as well as LB for the story. And you for reading it.

 Last week I ran part one of my look at the national tracks and the reason why it was broken up into two parts was because I only did half of it before I ran out of jokes. Yep, sometimes the reasons are really simple folks. And we have The Weege back to contribute his memories as well.

Thanks to Sam for finding this beauty. Who knew that a '96 CR125 was so incredibly awesome?

Never seen this before.

As a mechanic for 12 years and 5 of those being for factory KTM and Yamaha, I thought I'd take you guys through a week in the life of a mechanic during the supercross series. I used to get a fair amount of people that would tell me I was so lucky to have my job and that they dream of being a mechanic. For all of those people out there, allow me take you guys through what your average factory wrench goes through in a week of sx/mx.

We haven't done this in a while so time to crank it back up. We'll have a mailbag. Send in your questions and next week, I'll post them up here. Gimme what you got! steve [at] directmotocross [dot] com

Metty comes on to discuss his history, work ethic, goals and why he is often overlooked even though he is consistently at the front of every race he enters.

Was going through my in-box and found this. A reader named Sean and his story about his KTM.

 I'm just wondering what condition the MXDN's condition would be in with no Team America.

Thanks to Sutty for sending me this. Absolute classic.

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