My buddy Gio who has THIS blog, wanted to share this info with all you. Thanks Gio, nice pie chart...

It's that time again, don't worry-A1 is coming up.

Las Vegas, NV- A new way for the moto fans of the world to connect to the sport is coming this January 4th with the debut of the Moto Show starring Paul Lindsey and Steve Matthes. This show will be a live look at the sport of supercross/motocross starting at 6PM/9EST every Monday night during the season.

 While perusing the latest amazing, web numbers for this here site, I started thinking about which stories really gained your eye as that enables me to do two things.

The 1988 version.

The Dogger speaks...

One of the most interesting podcasts yet. Rich Taylor, longtime magazine test rider, pro racer, goggle innovator spins his tales from a life in the world of motocross. Very cool podcast here folks.

These are least for me they are.

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