Thanks to Carl Stone for finding this oldie but a goodie.

Dave Prater discusses his job as Director of Supercross for Feld Entertainment as it relates to the Supercross series. Some interesting stuff in here folks.

Over 200 people tuned in last time so let's do it again! It's over, I'm winded, thanks for doing it and read the archive.

You read that right, Matthes talks with NFL Hall of Fame coach, Joe Gibbs.

I'm missing a couple of months but let's take a look back at some of the covers and content of all the Motocross Magazine's in 1983. This whole thing was a ton of work so I'd appreciate it if you read it and don't look for this to happen again anytime soon. It was kind of fun though.

Thanks to Julian Eyers for these shots. Check out his website for more on this race.

The rolling tank speaks about Germany, Tiger Woods, his Suzuki and some other things.

Take a look at the stories of 1984 through Motocross Magazine's eyes. If anyone has the missing issues, lemme know and I'll get them up here.

Thanks to readers Ruben, DJ and Johnny O'Hannah for sending in shots of their crap. Check it out.

Last week on Racer X I did an Observations of the December 1983 issue of Motocross Magazine. In there I wrote about the Lakewood Colorado national an unknown guy named Gene Gentsch finishing eighth. Well...

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