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Here's what you've all been waiting for
A boy and his dad talk about the KX80
It's time to make your selections!!

This week on the BTOSports.com Podcast Show, Matthes calls up the head Yamaha PR guy and the man in charge of more teams in the pits than anyone else.

I think this is sweet but I did co-direct it.

The guy that spent over a hundred hours coming up with THIS list deserves a podcast. Listen in as I find out what drove him to do this for all of us.

Send me your musings to steve [at] directmotocross [dot] com and I'll pick the best ones for a mailbag next week.

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Just click on that Moto Show banner right up top here and have a listen to Paul Lindsey and I talk to Josh Hill. Don't forget, you can call in and talk to Josh, Paul or Steve.

Reed talks about the collision with Stewart.

From the DMXS show last Weds. I only put this up here so that we can all share in the comedy of Josh Hansen.

You stay classy Hanny!  Watch through to the end.

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