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Brandon Scharer talks about life on a 450 & motorhome fires
Rocky Mountain/Pro Taper/Scott

I was sitting at home recently and was thinking about putting in the DVD of “The World’s Greatest Supercrosses” for the 6,294th time when I discovered a little gem stuck under my Rambo series. It was half of the 2008 CMRC nationals on DVD that my buddy Travs had given me last summer.

We're doing that thing where we get a guy to tell us a story behind a picture. You can click on the picture to make it bigger. Today we have a legend...

From a Steve Cox interview of Davi Millsaps on RXI.

This is something I wrote in last weeks Cycle News.

My dad Tommy got us into racing when we were pretty much in diapers. Except I didn't really like riding that much, I prefered to play Star Wars...

The once conflicted Micky Dymond comes on the show to discuss his history in racing, thoughts on the MXoN he was passed over for and how he's found peace in his life.This is a great show.

The exciting new feature at Pulp that everyone is talking about! Thanks to Party Marty for figuring this tech crap out.

Well, I found out! Little Goose never had that much success over here for the rides that he had but he still put in a good showing for many years...

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