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This is a month old interview that Racer X didn't use and Weege was happy about it. Unfortunately for him there's a place for crap like this. It's called!

This is a running diary of the 1983 500 USGP. Just because I’m weird like that.

 It just seemed like a good time to talk to Stewie. Grab some liquids and settle in.

 The thing with Preston is that you can just talk to him like a normal person so I figured he'd be a good guy to call up and see what's going on with him and besides, Ferry wouldn't call me back.



MXMike gets on the phone with Steve to quell some rumors, speak frankly about his amazing holeshot ability, his never say die race mentality and the meltdown when he stood on Tedesco's bike.

 It was 1985 and the world needed help. The people of Ethiopia were starving and were in dire straits (money for nothin…chicks for free) and there was only one solution, only one thing would help the Ethiopians out. A musical super group had to be formed and come together for the good of EVERYBODY. There was no doubt about it, Ethiopians needed it but even more than that starving country, WE needed it.

(I wrote this column about Ferry but really have no place to put it-after all who wants to listen to me drone on and on about how great he is. But for reals, this is an interesting story because when he started doing well at Kawi, people were astonished and would ask me why he was good again. This is what he had to go through to be good again. Just because I was his mechanic for four years doesn't make this less credible...does it?)

A very interesting podcast. Dave has a clear vision of what he feels is the proper way to get things done, no apologies.

Old Ass Moto Picture of You and My Stories have been updated. Check it out broseph.

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