Last summer on a trip to go race in Canada with Nick Wey, I got to meet and hang out with his practice bike guy Big Nasty. I have no clue what his real name is and I don't think Nick knew either. Anyways, he was a good dude and we kept in touch here and there whenever I'd see him at the races.

Matthes talks moto with PulpMX and seemingly self-taught moto historian, Dave Nash. Weege joins in to create a Jersey-centric Super-power of moto history.

I want to do one, I need to do one, I have to do one. Send me your questions about moto or really anything for that matter. The best ones will be in here next week. Email address after you click on "read more"

I don't see the words "Tommy" and "Searle" in this thing at all. Maybe it's because he's not of legal age to drink so they can't talk about him but you'd think there would something in here about Tommy "Gun".

Got a couple of different things from two-time 125 national champion turned manager Steve Lamson. First a "Tell Us Another Story with Steve (and the guy he's riding over) and then a "Seventeen Minute, Thirty-Eight Second" Interview with Steve.

Take a listen to this fascinating chat I have with my brother Jason. We cover the FMF Honda days (to prove I wasn't lying), his love of vintage bikes, how his qutting motocross got me a factory ride, we count up the bikes we've owned and so much more.

Thanks to Julian Eyers for sending these shots from the Sydney and Canberra rounds of Reedy's SX series in.

JS7 discusses his Bercy experience and subsequent sickness, the fans, the internet forums and speculation on what to expect starting at A1 in 2010.

JT$ (#51 here) busts out a holeshot and a great story for us.

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