Brandon Scharer talks about life on a 450 & motorhome fires
Rocky Mountain/Pro Taper/Scott
New track so why not ask the riders?

Check this blog out by some guy named Gio, pretty good theories methinks. HERE

 These are a ton of work to type out, so could you please just read it???

Here's some more letters.

 The play by play is great and I'm embarrased that I'm up to date on your stray kitty.


This is so sweet and innocent, wait till the shoe cheats on him with a Kodiak. Thanks for Doug for sending this in!

This podcast has actually been carved on CNC from a solid gold brick. Have mercy on your soul if you don't listen to it.

ME (1:30:13 PM): whats going on with your season?

Yo, I'll be attempting to blog today but might be too busy trying to get beads. See how that and the race goes here.

So last night my wife and I are all comfy-like in our bed at 4AM. Well, we would be comfy if it wasn’t for our 80lb basset hound named Hank who likes to come into the sack around 1AM and lay between us.

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