When I ran those photos of reader Ruben's stuff he sent in, I started thinking about my stuff that I have here. Then I started thinking that maybe some of you might be interested in my stuff the way I was into Ruben's stuff. So send me some of your stuff if you want and we can all look at each others stuff. That may sound gross but it's not like that.

My buddy Trevor hooked me up with this sweet shipment from the motherland.

Long-time engine builder Alan Brown of Brown Motorsports sits down in-studio with Matthes to discuss his current race season and his roots in MX including long time engine builder and ultimate co-owne

Name the two riders.

Hey, you asked so I answered. Thanks to all those that wrote in and sorry for the ones I didn't get to, this thing's already 5,000 words!

 A couple of years ago I was told that I was going to host a gossip and rumors show at the AMA nationals. It seemed like a good idea and a lot of fun. Davey Coombs wanted to bring the nationals to the people and had hired a crew of guys to follow the nationals around and present them to people in a way that they’ve never been seen before.

A while back I asked for reader submissions, anything that you guys wanted to write about was fair game. I got a few, ran one a little while ago and here's another one. Thanks Frank!

Last summer on a trip to go race in Canada with Nick Wey, I got to meet and hang out with his practice bike guy Big Nasty. I have no clue what his real name is and I don't think Nick knew either. Anyways, he was a good dude and we kept in touch here and there whenever I'd see him at the races.

Matthes talks moto with PulpMX and seemingly self-taught moto historian, Dave Nash. Weege joins in to create a Jersey-centric Super-power of moto history.

I want to do one, I need to do one, I have to do one. Send me your questions about moto or really anything for that matter. The best ones will be in here next week. Email address after you click on "read more"

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