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Bradley Lionnet "wins"
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Rocky Mountain/Pro Taper/Scott

Check out this PR.

I get a lot of letters from people after each column. Most are pretty good, some are critical of me and some are downright funny. I'll share some of the better ones here...

Reedy talks about the A1 crash with Stewart which resulted in a Stewart DNF, his new bike and team and looking ahead to the next race.

The beginning of what is sure to be a staple of the podcast show, Weege, JT Money and Matthes lay out their predictions for the coming SX series.

Justin Brayton is a good ole' boy from Iowa and he shoots straight in this podcast telling who he is, where he came from and what he expects of himself in the coming years in racing.

James discusses his move from Kawasaki to Yamaha, his relationship with Larry Brooks, the controversy over his SX-only contract, maturing as a person and racer, competing on a 2 stroke against 4 strok

B-Hep, always fast but injury prone, comes on the show to discuss exactly those two things.

Doug Henry, one of the most beloved motocrossers ever shares his career with us in a sincere full disclosure interview. This is a must listen, as if I need to tell you.

Hot Sauce talks about his silly season, his outdoors series, why he chose to move from Texas to Florida and his path from the amateurs into pro racing.

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