This is a letter and picture from Ruy-Lopez.

Go ahead, ask me anything.  I'll try my best to answer them. steve [at] directmotocross [dot] com for all the answers, at least I'll give you my opinion.

This is Ronnie's second time around for this but really, can you ever get tired of Ron Lechien stories? I can't.


I don’t know Jason Lawrence, I’ve never really spoken to him and as a matter of fact, he probably wouldn’t piss on me if I was on fire.

Live from Germany, it's Saturday night GP stuff!

 The first practice sessions are going on right now at a pristine High Point Raceway. The riders are shaking out the bikes and the track and seeing just how hard they are going to push it.

This interview took place before Texas and is a bit out-dated. Sorry man, I was busy!

It's one of my all-time favorites and actually I remember being nine when it came out and down in Grand Forks, ND with my family. We all decided to go to the movie "Creepshow" but I freaked out when the dude started coming out of the grave in the first ten minutes and begged my way out of it. That's when I went next door to First Blood and I got the better end of the deal, no doubt about it.

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