Keefer and his band of riders run the bikes through
Some people share memories of the late great champ
Chasing Canadian & 500 national dreams

The sport of motocross is a strange one to be sure, often times you can watch and baseball or hockey game and feel pretty confident that you can review a players performance fairly and accurately. But...

Let's try a mailbag out, I'll take the best ones and answer them this week. Anything you want to know about any subject. Send me mail at steve [at] directmotocross [dot] com.

Welcome everyone to the Toronto Supercross, brought to you by Monster, Parts Unlimited and many others. The track here in Canada is kind of like a Boston Creme from Tim Hortons. An outside shell that is slightly harder then butter followed underneath by just thick creamy underbelly. Ummmmm....donuts.

I'm looking for a video camera and came across this beauty, what do you guys think? LINK

Matthes rubbed a couple nickels together to get Josh Coppins on the phone from Belgium. He's a charismatic, honest guy so listen in and learn about a fast guy from across the pond.

Check this blog out by some guy named Gio, pretty good theories methinks. HERE

 These are a ton of work to type out, so could you please just read it???

Here's some more letters.

 The play by play is great and I'm embarrased that I'm up to date on your stray kitty.


This is so sweet and innocent, wait till the shoe cheats on him with a Kodiak. Thanks for Doug for sending this in!

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