I thought I'd share some of my *ahem* best from the motherland. The racing was good, the track was cool and as usual, there was a Hungarian.

We get the Flying Freckle to tell us a little ditty. Click on the picture to make it bigger jerky.

The original Crafty Frenchman. JMB reveals all the behind the scenes details from his training regimen, his relationships with Stanton and Bradshaw to why he left American motocross.

Watch James ride his Segway around his supercross track. The commentary is classic! HERE

Add pulpmx to your tweet list. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you're lucky.

It's the El Cajon Zone's Scott Burnworth to tell us about a couple of pics he sent me.

Pings second visit is in studio following a supermoto race in Vegas.

 After I got back from Hangtown I decided to check out the AMA Supermoto series that was in my hometown of Las Vegas.

for pumping Ping up as the manager of the year in supercross.

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