Keefer and his band of riders run the bikes through
Some people share memories of the late great champ
Chasing Canadian & 500 national dreams

A very interesting podcast. Dave has a clear vision of what he feels is the proper way to get things done, no apologies.

Old Ass Moto Picture of You and My Stories have been updated. Check it out broseph.

You know how you watch those slasher movies like Friday the 13th and Halloween and without fail, the actors would do something that you know would end up in their demise? Like their friends have all been decapitated and someone hears a noise in the cellar, so they go down to investigate. . You the viewer are sitting there thinking, I’m no rocket scientist but I think it’s not a good idea to go down there pal, the killer might be… WHAM…the big ass dude in a goalie mask appears and chops them into itty bitty pieces.

Weege and I have these weird conversations from time to time as he might be the only guy in the industry that is a bigger fan of moto-x then me. I thought, what if I got him to write one of those conversations down? He did and now I present to you, the mind of Weege. (If you don't know who Weege is, google him or just go to Jersey and ask around.)

One thing that bugs me in the pro motocross world (well let’s be straight here, there’s a ton of things that bug me but we’ll cover one today) is that the old warriors of moto don’t get saluted or thanked for their memories and championships. They just go away. Only the very elite few like MC or RC have any kind of “Farewell, thanks for the memories” ceremonies. If this were a stick and ball sport, we in the media would be fanning over them non-stop and then in a few years, trying to figure out whether or not they belong in the hall of fame.

Matthes' Canadian MX Idol. Rollerball talks about his triumphs in American MX, where he feels he fell short, struggles in life and rebounding to find peace again. It doesn't get more real than this.

I first went to the Millville national in 1988, me and my family would trek down each and every year to watch the our heroes. I remember walking around the parking lot with my brother watching the mechanics build the machines and getting them ready for tech. The nationals used to practice on Fridays and then tech inspection and sign up were at Saturday at a particular hotel. This was great for the fans but sucked to be a rider, you had Saturday off and just hung out.

There’s this show on VH1 that is so awesomely bad and I can’t keep myself from watching it. It’s called Rock of Love Bus with ex-Poison front man, Bret Michaels. It’s a sequel to this other awesomely bad show where Bret Michaels, tired of all the sleazy rock chicks that are dumb, fake and just want him for his fame and money, gets a bunch of supposedly “normal” chicks lined up that are dumb, fake and just want him for his fame and money.

James talks briefly about the SX series thus far and the input he has with his new gear company Answer.

JT$ coming back from injury discusses his experiences in the overseas SX races, plans for the '09 season and some commentary on internet bench racers.

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