Good track, not such great racing and here are some dudes talking about it
Better late than never this week, as Moser touches base with Mr. Raper and his life as a Supercross rider.
Presented by N-Fab/ JT & Weege join me to talk SD2 SX
Just exactly how good will Kawasaki's newest recruit be?

This is Just Short!  An article dedicated to providing a little bit of “media” coverage to those riders who come up Just Short of making the main event.

JT and Truman join me to discuss how to win at fantasy moto

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The 2016 Teams!

Here's all I saw and heard from the opener

Views from the Cincinnati opener.

It's all we can do now, just discuss it.

Vuillemin weighs in with some thoughts from the opener

There was just something in the air leading into the 2016 Supercross series.

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