Double-dose of Hotlanta comin' at you, Just Short style!
JT joins me to discuss fantasy moto & how to win at it

"A racer is only as good as his last race."

Matthes and the new guy debate the east coast

The great Mike Brown finally finds the time to do a podcast with me

Here's some bench racing about San Diego & Ping is upset

Listen in to hear about the fantasy moto leagues and what's going on with them

For the past few years I have been noticing an increasing number of moto doppelgängers at the races. 

Each year there seems to be a “Just Short” curse. 

Lots of stuff to talk about when it comes to the third race at the Big A

We're in a state of snow emergency here, so I'm hooking you up with about 30k words in pics.

The long awaited 199.5 Show!

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