Pulpmx Show Roundtable 3.0 Pulpcast

Thanks to Tits, Pookie, Nash, Sinjin, Brad G & Blazier for their particpation


3 peat

Well, I made it thru all 3 of the roundtable podcasts and this was the best organized of the 3. Guests were ok but wasn't much new or interesting about this show. Kind of beat on a few dead topics like the old rider stories segment. Been done and Steve usually asks the guests to tell a story about someone from their past that might be a good story. Move on... Giving their opinions about the hosts..Who cares..Everyone has opinions and theirs don't mean anything to me. All in all I'll give it a 3 out of 10. Better luck next year.

Listener feedback

A few thoughts about this podcast:

-Mosher isn't ready to host a podcast just yet, he does not have the charm or charisma needed to lead - I had to press the stop button at 6 minutes in. Mosher you a buzz kill bro.. way to negitive.

- I love Pulp MX but damm bro... 6 minutes in and your still dilly dallying with guest intros.

- Mosher, you have one more shot... evaluate your stage presents and show us what you have to offer next round. Better yet let Pookie lead off....

I really tried... I really did.