The 7-Deuce-Deuce: Detroit
7 Deuce Deuce

Everyone's favorite privateer checks in to tell us about his week of Detroit

Photos by James Lissimore

First of all, ANDREW SHORT was ripping like a boss this weekend. That was so radical! With that being said I came so close again this weekend! I don’t know if its luck or what but I have just been making mistakes the last three weekends that have been keeping me out of that main event spot! I try so hard every week and sometimes I feel like it possibly could be too much trying on my end.

The hardest part is not getting frustrated and keeping an upbeat attitude week in and week out when things don’t go your way! Sometimes in life things go wrong, sometimes in life things don’t go your way, but sure as hell it’s not all the time! That time when things go right and everything clicks is from here on out is now officially known as the 7DEUCEDEUCE time!!!!

Here was my week leading up to the Detroit SX:

MONDAY: this is one of the first weeks I have really been able to put in some really good motos on the track! There was a ride day out at the Alessi compound, so I went there and it was pretty EPIC! The dirt was amazing and it had just rained so I was really having the time of my life ripping lap after lap even though we were on the outdoor track!

TUESDAY: Monday night after I got done riding at Alessi’s house I headed up to a training facility called GPF! It had to have been one of the sickest places I had ever seen on earth! When I got there it was located out in the middle of the boonies and I had no clue that it was literally right next to MTF also! I mean how badass is it that you have two astonishing motocross and supercross training facilities back to back! These places are sooooo sick! Tuesday was definitely one of the highlights of my week! On top of getting to rip on the supercross track, I got to break in Weston Peick’s race bike-now that was some seriously fun stuff!

Enticknap has come very close to making mains this year.

WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY: just drive, drive and then some more driving all day.

FRIDAY: I haven’t hit SO MANY DAM POT HOLES IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!!!!! We rolled up into Detroit, MI and I could have sworn the wheels were going to fall off the van. I was swerving down the highway to avoid these things like nobodies business! We were watching the local news station and it had a whole story on how to drive the roads of Detroit due to just POT HOLES! For real!

SATURDAY: I was PUMPED the way the day started off! I tied for the best qualifying I have ever had in my life which was 22nd! I was ready for the night program and after the last two weeks of coming so close and not making it I thought for sure tonight was the night in Detroit! The heat went okay finishing in 11th place. The semi went not so well but I made some aggressive passes after a first lap crash to come back to 10th. The LCQ I had a decent start, wasn’t great, but I made it work. I hit the first jump and almost pulled a huge squid move by endoing my brains out! The second lap I was about to pass for 5th and set my sights on 4th (which was the last spot to make the main) when the guy in front of me made a mistake and I was following a little to close resulting in me missing the rhythm.

Adam had a good week riding at the Alessi's house and breaking in Weston Peick's bike (?!?)

So that let Cody Gilmore squeak by both of us! Then I got passed Devin Raper for 6th place and we quickly caught back up to Gilmore. So now it’s the last lap and its do or die-I sacked up and hit the rhythm right behind Gilmore and Augie Lieber who was 4th place. It all kind of happened in slow motion but Gilmore put a sick stuff on Lieber for the final transfer as I was tripling into the corner. Well while Gilmore was stuffing 4th I had the brakes slammed on and I ran right into the bike of the guy Gilmore left for dead on the track and that ended my night. If I would of just doubled into the corner I probably could of passed them both but it’s to late now!

Sometimes the right thing to do isn’t always the right thing to do! As a professional, you are supposed to ride aggressive and thread the needle but not all the time does it work out. Like in my case this weekend! So what do you do- be more cautious next time or do you go for it? I say YOLO son! YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE! Huck it! If you make it, you’re a legend, and if you don’t you have a sick story to tell how you were trying to be one!

What I am trying to say is I did what I was supposed to do and the odds are the next time it will work. I hope! And if it doesn’t the 7deucedeuce won’t stop until I find the right way!!!! Thanks everyone for all the support! SUBWAY EAT FRESH #7deucedeuce OUT!