Live Today- The Fly Racing Moto:60 Show!

Presented by N-FAB Jeep and Truck parts

Fly Racing Moto: 60 Show Today

Today on, The Fly Racing Moto: 60 Show presented by Truck Hero and Pro Taper will take place at noon PST/3 PM EST and we'll talk about the supercross season with Jason Thomas as well as give some stuff away.

The show will also feature host Steve Matthes taking your calls and speaking with some of the industry heavyweights to get their opinions on what we’re seeing each week. The show will also allow you, the fan, to call in and voice your opinion on what you’re thinking and what you want to see.

The show will also feature some serious giveaways from Fly Racing to you, the live listeners. Lucky for you, it’s easy to listen live. You can go to and click on the story. This will take you to an interactive chat room where you can listen to the show and chat with your fellow fans. If you aren’t in front of a computer, you can listen live on your smartphone by getting the Pulpmx App and clicking the “info” tab. You'll be able to get it on iTunes as well under the Moto: 60 Show.

The Fly Racing Moto: 60 Show is supported by Fly Racing, one of the fastest growing MX and offroad riding apparel and hard part brands in the North American market; and distributed in 40+ countries worldwide.

Truck Hero is a supplier of premium vehicle accessories Made in the USA to outfit light trucks and SUVs from bumper to bumper.  Comprised of worldwide renowned brands including BAK Industries, Undercover, N-FAB, BedRug and Husky Liners…… Truck Hero is the name you can trust when it comes to the finest products for your Truck, Jeep or SUV.  From the inside of your vehicle to the outside, Truck Hero has you covered.  To learn more about Truck Hero and our growing family of brands, visit

Since bursting onto the scene in 1991, ProTaper has continued to produce some of the worlds most premium control and drive components available on the market today. Whether it is legends like Damon Bradshaw, the very first rider to test a ProTaper product, to superstars like Jason Anderson and Justin Barcia, ProTaper can be trusted to provide revolutionary products that continue to set the industry benchmark for all others to follow.



Posted on twitter "Sorry

Posted on twitter

"Sorry folks, no live Moto 60 show today. Technical difficulties… Still doing a show now, will put up as a podcast"


I am "super pumped" to hear this announcement. Can't wait.

Spraying Pump

I'm so pumped i'm spraying pump everywhere. I cant get enough, I listen to more Podcasts then music nowadays.


Wife cancelled satellite radio. All I have listened to driving around the last few weeks is the Pulp Show, and the RacerX podcast. PUMPED!

Moto 60 show live

Shouldn't the show have started already?