The Top 21 Stories on Pulpmx in 2012

Why 21? Cause we're weird like that. We'll kick this off with numbers 21-11. Thanks for the support people.


We do this every year here at Pulpmx, a look back at the top twenty stories of the year in terms of number of clicks. The cut-off time was Dec 1 and by and large the stories that came out in October and November are at a bit of a disadvantage because they have the least amount of time to linger on the site and collect views but hey, tough cookie.

We didn’t take any Pulpmx Show’s into account as well as any of the sticky’s that are there (like Forum or MX History”) and that’s about it.

So without further aideu, here is the top half the top 21 of 2012 on


11- Swizcorner-CP377 VS USA

Matthes- I was off to Bercy and asked Swizzle to put something down on the site about Pourcel and all his drama. And like J-Law, Pourcel stories always attract fans from both sides of the Atlantic- he’s a controversial guy. Anyways, like usual Swizzle put down some great thoughts on the topic and it showed.

Swiz- I’ve always been baffled by the career turn Pourcel took after his second last-minute MX title loss. Some want to hate on him, some like to contend that it’s just bad luck which spun him out, regardless of the reason it’s a tragedy that we never got to see him in the premiere class indoors. Clearly, I’m not the only one who has felt cheated by this.

Blaze- This was a very interesting read by my boy Swizzle. CP377 is an enigma wrapped in a riddle, and sometimes watching his career moves reminds me of Sherman marching through Georgia, as he sets fire to every bridge in sight. Still there is no denying the kid has speed, and in this sport that trumps just about everything.


12- Camp Two-Two

Swiz- It’s an inside look at the Two-Two Motorsports compound. What more can be said? Fans of moto are always complaining that it’s too tight a sport and nothing ever gets out. I can tell you though, hanging out at the 22 compound is as laid back and comfortable as anything you can imagine.


13- All-Time MXDN Team

Swiz- this was fun for me. I didn’t take it all that seriously and comprised my team of the guys I have a lot of respect for due to their heart and determination on the track. Wins be damned. There was a little rider mix-up and we all had a good laugh at that.

Blaze- Being a bench racing uberdork means articles like this one fall right into my wheelhouse. When Matthes and I originally spoke about doing a list of the greatest MXdN teams of all time, I imagined putting together something like my other top ten collections, just a straightforward listing of the most successful teams at the event. When however, he suggested we do kind of a fantasy draft, that made it a lot more interesting. 

For me, the best part of writing this particular piece had to be busting on poor Swizzle. Every time I got an email back with one of his picks, I would just laugh and wonder what was in the water up there in the frozen tundra of Michigan. As it turned out, he got a little confused when making his selections, but to his credit he stuck to his guns and made the best case he could. Since the only thing better than bench racing, is talking smack on your buddies, this was one of my favorite articles all year.


14- Snake Eyes Hangtown

Matthes- Ahh DV934, we hardly knew ya! Ex-factory Superstar David Vuillemin offered to do some write up’s from the track during supercross and I took him up on the offer. But soon, the meager pay and the actual, you know, work involved with doing these columns had Vuillemin losing interest fast. A couple of times we did podcast versions of his take from the race but I liked the written columns much better. He had a good eye, obviously some street creds, and didn’t care about hurting some people’s feelings. Anyways, his Snake Eyes column didn’t last too long but when he did do it, it got some hits. DV, please come home, we miss you.


15- JT Takes Pulse of Pits

Swiz- This was a train-wreck gone right. The idea was for JT to interview guys about how relieved they were that he wasn’t racing the MEC this year. As it turned out, he was a little too straight-laced and we were left pulling out the diamonds of comedy from the lengthy interviews to make a sort of MEC pit collage instead. It worked, I really enjoyed this video. Think of it as a hit up the third-base line for a head first slide into first.


16-Snake Eyes-Freestone

Matthes- Vuillemin came in hot with his take on the first couple of nationals but, sigh, it was not to be. Swizzle probably regrets the time he put into designing the classic lead in art for DV’s column (especially cause he had to do it twice because he spelled Vuillemin’s name wrong the first time!)


17- Pulpmx Show Behind the Scenes

Matthes- In early January James Lissimore came down to shoot photos and hang out for a Pulpmx show and produced this video of a typical Monday night in the Lions Den. I guess people wanted to see what was going on behind the scenes of a show. Lissimore was just getting into video and wanted to start playing around with his new camera and we thank him for capturing the show. And you guys obviously enjoyed it also.


18- Tell Us a Story, Ron Lechien

Matthes- Again, why this “Tell Us a Story” and not others? Who knows but Lechien’s always a good interview to get his take on what went down at different points of his career and this photo was pretty rare as it took place at one of Dogger’s comebacks from his broke leg.


19- Honest Look at 250 West Points

Matthes- Why did a look at the 250SX West points make it and not the 250SX East or why did the 450MX points make it and not the 250MX points column? Your guess is as good as mine.


20- Blose and Pulpmx Two Stroke it at Hangtown

Matthes- Why hasn’t someone started a two-stroke only dirt bike website (maybe they have and it’s called Motocross and just racked up the hits? Of course you won’t have any advertisers because no one really makes any money selling two-stroke stuff but hey, it would be good business. The minority is very strong and passionate about the ring-ding-ding bikes and you can see that here with a simple press release talking about backing Chris Blose at Hangtown. Blose was on a YZ250 two-stroke and failed to qualify on the bike (thereby ruining our planned video, interviews and everything else we had planned) making it the most expensive investment with exactly zero return that we’ve ever done here at Pulpmx.


21- Swizcorner-A1

Swiz- I’m tickled that people take the time to read Swizcorner. Sometimes it’s a real chore late in the season when injuries have thinned the field and compelling story lines but when it’s all fresh, like A1, it’s a breeze. As long as you keep reading, I’ll keep setting aside part of my Sunday to tap out my thoughts. Thanks folks.


#99- Moservations- San Diego

(When I put this list out via email to a couple of the Pulp staff, our Cub Reporter Moser wanted to know where one of his popular Moservations columns stood and lucky for him, one of his made the top 100. Barely. But no matter what, we’re happy to have Moser do his Just Short and whatever the other one is called columns and welcome him back in 2013 with his usual stipulations. I asked Moser to put together his thoughts on coming in at #99 below.)

Moser- When Steve first told me that Moservations made the top 100 most read articles on PulpMX I thought he was just pulling my leg.  Granted Idon't know how many articles are posted in a calendar year but a 2012

PulpMX top 100 most read article sounds impressive enough to list on my resume.  I'd like to give it up to my team, everyone has been putting their head down giving it 129%, we're just going to keep working hard, getting off to a good start and hooking the reader in those first couple sentences is a big part of it, I gotta keep nailing those starts, getting out of the gate clean, I fought through the hand and finger cramps remembering to relax and breath between paragraphs was key.

Thanks to my wife for putting up with my late night typing while giggling at my own jokes in bed.  Thanks to Steve and Swiz for posting and editing my work, although we have had some creative differences I'm glad you were patient with me and I think I've shown I can follow rules and meet a deadline most of the time.  I have enjoyed writing my Short columns on PulpMX but you start to second guess yourself at times whether people even read them but now I have a 2012 PulpMX top 100 most read article to my credit and I know all those sleepless nights were worth it.  In closing I never would have made the top 100 had I not bribed Weege with a free meal to link my San Diego Moservations to RacerX but it doesn't mater if you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning



You can't mess with greatness Swizzle.

In classic Moser-style, he

In classic Moser-style, he ends his acceptance speech with no period. Perfect.