Swizcorner "This S@#$ Again?"

The MXdN is just something we have got to get back on track folks.

The glory days are officially over, America. We have been given the business for enough consecutive years to make that an indisputable fact. Sure, Jason Anderson was literally kamikaze’d after the flag last year to justify, in my mind certainly, the first true asterisk in the history of the sport… but that doesn’t put us any closer to regaining the top spot at the Motocross Olympics.
What am I talking about? The fact that the biggest race in the sport, the race that all top racers of yesteryear would prefer to fight for above all others, has now become a sacrifice prompted by the Taurine and Caffeine pedaling drink sponsors. You know, those beverages who essentially and literally seem to run this sport much like a parasite commands it’s vessel. It really shouldn’t comes as a big shock to us nowadays with integrity and pride becoming much more extraordinary character traits than what they used to be: core standards. Now, everything can be weaseled into an explanation or justification but in the end it’s bullshit. Zach Osborne is one of those guys from the old school who still realizes that it IS the Motocross des Nations above ALL else. He is paired with the most structured trainer in the sport who is not real keen on interrupting his program with a race of pride and passion, with no payday; and still Zach made it clear, that the MXdN is not only a desire but a requirement if the opportunity were to present itself. And it looks like it will.
This whole GP encroaching into the US Motocross schedule and falling near the “no fly zone” of American racers with respect to their rehabilitation and preparation schedule is highly biased in a negative manner for the US team. And it’s exactly this scheduling and Energy Drink “tail wagging the dog” phenomena that is killing the eminence and esteem of this incomparable event. 

To listen to the tails of heroism and and pride from the MXdN’s past American representation and how it meant everything to them; and then compare that to today with racers not only speaking of the race with little to waning interest but also fabricating and deflecting blame/reasons why they can’t (read: WON’T) be participating if given the invitation… well excuse my bluntness but EFF THAT.

These Energy Drinks coupled with the GP and Supercross promoters are wringing the piss out of the racers and by extension, the sport and much like the sand worms in Tremor’s, when they’ve sucked the life right out of us, it’ll be time for a new business model and in their wake will be the rotting, stinking corpse of our beloved sport.
I gotta tell ya man, DC comes off smelling like a rose throughout this tragic situation. It really is about the sport with he and MX Sports still. Sadly, just like most situations in the worlds today, altruism and integrity leave you trampled in the end.