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Classic Steel 130: 1985 CR125

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  1. In late 1985 I bought a leftover 1985 model CR 125. Had I known how much better the forks were on the 86 model I might have waited. That so, that bike was the most reliable mx bike I’ve owned to date. I raced it every weekend, MX, GP’s, desert, you name it. I switched the reeds after the first top end job. I bought a PC pipe, and loved the hit and top end, but it lost a bit down low. Being the technician by trade that I am, I chopped off the head pipe and welded on a flange to reinstall the ATAC chamber. That actually made for a pretty decent powerband. The biggest downfall of the CR’s, including the 125, was the shock. After trying to gain confidence in the rough whoops, I tried everything you could, and nothing helped. I found a White Power shock in the Recycler paper, ( lived in LA at the time) an wow, what a difference! A gear higher everywhere. I raced Barstow to Vegas twice on that bike, 3 place in 0-200 both times. Great memories.

  2. Awesome! This was my first real MX bike. Dad found a sweet one for me for $750 in “87”. I played around on it in fields for a few years and finally raced it at 17 in “90”

  3. Just for kicks I put the price of $1,948 that you mentioned into an inflation calculator.

    Works out to $4,162 today. Would be nice to be able to buy a new bike for that still!

  4. Thanks for this amazing article! I really enjoyed reading all these unknown for me details, about my favorite dirt bike!
    I still have it till today. It was the most reliable bike I ever had! I just one day left it to rest in the garage, the years past and I didn’t use it again for long time, so now it needs restoration.
    I have very nice memories of this bike, so one day I will make it fly again, I promise!

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