Classic Steel

“Maxxis Tires” – Classic Steel #135 1987 Honda CR500R

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  1. I bought one new in the fall of 1986 and went racing 3 days later. What a fantastic bike with perfect details, build quality, and no real weak points. Your critique of this bike is spot on. It seemed to lack some of the low end hit I was looking for, but was very smooth and still made all the power you needed. Lack of fork rebound adjustment wasn’t a problem back then because you could just go to a different oil viscosity to change that. And a higher oil volume to decrease bottoming.
    If I were to own one of these again, an Ohlins out back and some sort of handmade aluminum tank for better ability to get forward would be all you really need to have the ultimate 80’s open bike.

  2. I’ll repeat the above comment that the description of this bike’s personality was right on. Still have mine I’ am 64 and enjoy riding it now more than ever. just added new clutch and throttle cable. Everytime I start the bike I fall in love with it again because nothing else sounds like, looks like it or feels like it.

  3. I have to thank you for your great biography for this bike… I just was lucky enough to found one 2 weeks ago, in pretty good shape and in original state. I just disassembled and I am painting the frame and as soon as some original parts arrive from the US I will assemble her… I am anxious to ride her and I will let you know…

    All the best,
    Carlos Beirão

  4. Hey Tony, I just wanted to thank you for this Great article on this era of Big Bikes. I purchased a brand new 85 CR 500 from OC Honda & I jus can’t say enough about what a Monster this New water cooler was. I rode a 82 480R prior that I had purchased from OC Honda as well. For some odd reason I really enjoyed getting on these Big Open Class bikes. I still have the 85 & need some help with some motor work, she sat in the garage for too long & the coolant solidified & created electrolysis in the side case, if you can let me know what or who can get this baby going I would be very grateful…. Thanks again for the great article, brought back some great memories, bro!!!

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