Dave Thorpe’s 1986 RC 500 Build

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  1. Super cool story and amazing bike. In ’86 both Kawasaki and KTM production bikes had rear disc brakes.

  2. The most beautiful works bike made! The same with the US open bikes and 250’s during the last years of works bikes. I did like the YZM 500 as well there are a few Kawasaki SR’s that are in the top 5. Great job on this bike! Amazing to just be able to get your hands that intimately on this bike. Awesome!

  3. It was a real privilege to see this monster and the top man in action in the 500cc years, never to be seen again. What a shame that era is over.
    A real top job on the restoration of this iconic bike. It needs to be back in action, not stuck in a glass case. Bring back the big man!!!!

  4. Looks like I’m about a year after. Just had to post something are such a good read. What an insane job to rebuild DT’s MX scooter back to its’ former days. As a former GP MX racer from the late 60’s into mid 70’s – I am always amazed to watch the videos of the champions who raced during the later seasons. DT’s style is reminiscent of Roger De Coster’s. Complements to both DT and to “Doc Wobbles!” RD is one of the better riders I came across during my career. Dave would have been a tough contender had they raced one another. I’ll have to conjure a few dreams about that possibility!

    Have not been on an MX Scooter in over 45 years. One such as this one causes me to ponder the days gone by.

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