Alpinestars Tech 10: Reviewed
Kris Keefer

The nearly ubiquitos Alpinestars Tech 10.

The Alpinestars Tech 10 has been around the motocross and off-road world for a long time. If you listened to my “Boot Review” podcast you know this is one of my favorite pair of boots to wear. The Tech 10 boot has received continuous R&D development updates over the years, but has remained unchanged for the last couple. The TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) blade on the Tech 10 is said to prevent frontal hyperextension and offer greater flex control, while the medial-facing panel improves structural stability. The TPU calf protector plate utilizes a rear blade system to protect the heel and features a hyperextension guard. Its TPU shin plate uses a dual closure system with an internal microfiber flap, and the buckle-closure system is self-aligning and replaceable. The Alpinestars Tech 10 comes in full sizes only, no half sizes. I wear a size 10.5 shoe and a size 11 Tech 10 fits me well. The attention to safety and comfort extends to the inner booty as well as the torsion bars help control ankle rotation. The dual Velcro enclosure ensures a secure fit on the foot and prevents dirt from getting inside the bootie.





Once my foot slipped into the Tech 10 it felt snug enough in all the right places. It does take a little time to break in these boots (more than a SG-12 or Sidi), but once broke in (about an hour or so of riding time) I felt like I could bend my ankle, feel the shifter and brake pedal just fine. The toe box is fatter and could take some time to get used to if you’re coming from another boot; yet it can make shifting a little easier with the fatter toe box area. The high impact, bridged aluminum buckle system is easy to adjust and can actually close shut even when muddy. However, when they are muddy they are tough to grab a hold of and unbuckle. To get them unbuckled quicker, get a flat blade screw driver to dig some of the mud out of the buckle area to release. Riders with bigger calves may have some difficulty getting the middle buckle to reach its perch even with the strap in its outermost position. (I would suggest if you can’t get the middle strap fitment correct, order a top strap, which is longer). My calves are on the skinny side, but the strap was almost at its full-extended length so take note of this. 


The Tech 10 boots are very comfortable on hard landings and have an incredible soft feeling sole. The shock absorbing quality of these boots are second to none. My ankles and feet have never been sore after a long day of riding. The Tech 10 boots have me feeling secure and locked in on the bike. The Tech 10 boots weigh in at roughly 10 pounds and while they are not the lightest boot on the market, the protection I do feel on the track is so good I am willing to overlook the heavier feeling I get at times. This usually only occurs at the end of long motos or when it is super muddy. One other standout of the Tech 10 is that if you don’t ride on the balls of your feet—like you should—the sole will feel a little awkward because it is shaped to almost make you ride on the balls of your feet.




I don’t know if Alpinestars designed the sole to help the rider in this aspect, but I like that this boot helps proper rider technique! When standing on the pegs it feels as if the front and rear of the sole is raised, and this makes you ride in that sweet spot (the balls of your feet). It took sometime to get used to this feeling when I first started riding in these boots, but now it’s second nature to me and forces me to ride like we all should. The rubber like material on the side of the boots are very grippy and offer tremendous grip against steel and aluminum frames. The Tech 10 boots offers a seamless feel on the bike and will not catch or snag on any part of the machine. After several months of use I did find that the central dual compound soles are a little soft for super sharp footpegs, but almost gets the same amount of wear as other top brand boots on the market. The central insert of the boot can be replaced yourself or if you want Alpinestars to do the work for you, they can replace the complete full sole for you if you send them in.  


The colors that Alpinestars offer are some of the most eye popping and can go with any type of gear that you might be wearing. #BESTDRESSED The cost of the boots will set you back $599.95 and come in sizes 7-14. You can check out the complete line of boots at 




My 2 cents

Odd that Keefer talks about how the boots force you to ride on the balls of your feet, yet in the picture the dead centers of the boots are roached and the area where the balls of your feet would be look almost new. For me the sizing seems off. I wear a size 9 shoe and had to go to a size 8 or I had horrible heel lift. The size 8s started out super tight, but after break-in and by using a thinner moto sock, they've become very comfortable. I really don't care for the buckles, mainly the bottom one. Once buckled, it's trapped in a little pocket and hard to unbuckle. Also the buckle is attached with a really small metal bracket that is easily bent and also makes buckling/unbuckling difficult. They're really good boots, but I like Instincts better in pretty much every category.