Keefer Kuestions 11-30-17
Kris Keefer

Read these over while you digest the last of that Thanksgiving turkey!


Hey man love the show! My name is Kyle and I'm looking at a new bike here real soon. I stopped by Vey's and talked with Tyler for a good minute and I think I've got narrowed down between KTM and Yamaha. Ultimate goal is to have a two stroke and a four stroke but I'm stuck between brands. I'm really drawn to the 350SX-F and the 150SX but have heard a few scares about reliability. Can't go wrong with a Yamaha in that department and I really like the new 450 but it might be a little much for me. I'm 30 years old, 5'6 and float between 170 and 180. Decent novice or C rider but I stay away from things like Pala's main track. Definitely want to start racing again but I'm not trying to make lorettas or anything. Just want to have a lot fun on the bike. Air forks are also a little weird from what I've heard but honestly I don't know if I'd be able to notice a difference. Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated man. -Kyle 





If you're not racing and are looking for just a fun bike to ride the KTM 350 SX-F is a very good bike. It is a little pricey and does have an air fork, but the air fork is one of the best "air forks" on the market. The Yamaha is a great bike, but I am thinking that might be too much of a bike for you to have some real fun on. 


The 150 might be too much work to keep on the pipe and rip around the amateur track at Pala. 


With the 350 you can be lazy or you can rev it out. It is really the best of both worlds so look into a new 350 SX-F. 


Let me know what you get and if you need some set up advice when you do! 








Just had a couple questions for you on your thoughts on the bike. I am 26, Fast local B rider, 6ft, about 180 pounds. I’ve been on a 450 since I was 17. My current bike is a 2016 YZ 450. It just seems like for the tracks here in Ohio a 450 is almost to much anymore. Our local tracks around here remind me of Loretta Lynns. Pretty tight/super long ruts. I am starting to think a 350 around here would be the perfect bike but I just wanted to know what your thoughts would be on that. I know you said in your Loretta’s pod you might have been better off on a 250 so I am kind of thinking the 350 might be the best of both worlds. Also will you be doing a living with or just a test podcast on the KTM or Husky 350? Thanks for any input you can give me and keep it up with everything you are doing! Your podcasts are awesome!



Drey Armstrong


Thanks Drey, 


Yes! The 350 would be a great bike for this type of terrain! I just got telling a guy that the 350 is a super fun bike and is like having the best of both world's (lugging ability and revving ability). 


If I wasn't racing and wanted to have fun the KTM or Husky 350 is a bike that I would really consider purchasing! They turn good and have exciting power characters. 


Let me know if you get one and I can get you a set up spec. 









I've (SDub23) chatted and bantered with you and Matthes via Twitter with the CR vs. YZ, ultimately landing with the YZ.  Just checking in to see if you have a preferred fix or any insight for the seat pocket/thinness/softness of the seat foam.  In short, I'm a larger/taller rider and looking for some better hold up in the seat while possibly giving it a bit more height without it looking like it has a “pillow top” and with a smooth transition to the gas cap piece.  I’m new to aftermarket seats as I’ve always been pleased with the OEM’s on previous bikes.  However, would like a change on this bike as well as add a gripper seat to finish off with my graphics.


BTW, if you are able to do an east coast testing session for 2019, let me know where I can send that application. I’m a seasoned vet with 36 years of riding under my belt starting at the age of 4 and now just your typical +40 vet B rider that’s passionate about the sport and a love for dirt bikes. 


Thanks for all that you’re doing and keep up the great work!  Haven’t missed a podcast yet and logged probably 25 sessions on the 450 shootout pods trying to decide on my new steed.



 Scott Walters





If the guys at GUTS do not have anything yet Dan Dilkey at iThink has some lightweight seat foam that is expensive, but is firmer and last forever. He also has gripper seat covers that work really good for your rear end. The height is close to the same as stock, but the firmness is most of the problem with the Yamaha. One I tried a firmer seat, I felt it made the bike feel a little taller (which I liked). 


Look at 


Let me know how it goes? 






Hey Kris.

I am sure you remember who I am. I have bought several helmets and boots from ya and we have pitted next to each other on both practice and race days. Both myself and my son ride the '12 Suzuki RMZ450's. I have been off the bike for a couple months after a get off at LACR during the OTHG National and I also had knee surgery to clean up some older damage. While I have been down I sold both my RMZ's and am completely torn between the '18 Husqvarna fc450 and the '18 Honda CRF450. I know your going to ask why not the Blu Crew but I recently rode one and my 5'-7" frame and that bike just don't match well IMO. I have ridden the '17 version of every bike and have narrowed the decision down to the Husky or Honda. I initially was all over getting the Honda but I really like to be out of the norm a bit so ridding red with every other goon on the track just doesn't sound that cool to me but if it is the right bike then so be it. The last CRF450 I had was the '08 which was a great bike and I know I will jump on the new one and be instantly comfy. My dad rode Huskies back in the day and obviously the new bike is incredible so I really like the idea of the Husky to be a bit more out of the norm and the Dad legacy is cool.

As you can see I am crazy torn between the two. If you put yourself in my 47 year old shoes what would you spend your hard earned $$$ on? Listening and reading the reviews from your shootout and others I feel like the plush chassis and mellower power of the Husky might just be the ticket for me! I do race the expert and master classes but like easy roll on power as it wears me out far less on long moto's. This is one reason I have really liked the Suzuki's for a while now. Smooth power and great turning. I also plan on doing more of the big 6 GP series this year so hour long races! I am nervous of the air fork and getting it dialed and feeling comfortable to push hard. Also parts...are they hard to get and more expensive with the Husky?

Help!!! I am losing my mind trying to figure this out and probably going down to see Dustin on Tuesday to by the new scoot. Appreciate any and all advise you can provide brotha! See ya on the track soon and maybe you can help me dial in the suspension. By the way I wrote down all of your set up info on the crf but have not heard anything on the Husky. -Josh 





Good to hear from you brother and sorry about the get off. This is actually a common question I get sent to me on a regular basis.Let me see if I can break it down for you. 


The Husky’s engine character is super smooth and almost feels too smooth at times when the track is tilled deep. The steel frame is amazing and the bike works the best on hard pack tracks. Here is my worry: Although the AER fork is decent for an air fork, front end traction is not as good as a spring fork. Now if you told me “Kris, I am going to buy a Cone Valve fork”, I would be telling you for sure go with the Husky. The KTM I had last year along with the spring fork was great. Balanced and was able to charge over bumps and have great lean angle traction. You’re 47 years old so you are a spring fork child! LOL. Serious though I come from spring forks and they just work. Period! 


Now the Honda has a snappier engine, but does have the mellow number 2 map that is very good and keeps the rear end to the ground. The Honda is not as compliant on hard pack, square edge tracks, but to me the Honda corners better and feels almost as light (if not lighter) than the Husky. Due to its engine character. Plus the spring fork is damn good! If you feel like it’s still too snappy of power I have tried a light flywheel and it works wonders. 


If it was me I would buy a Honda on a few accounts. Spring fork, I like the engine better, cornering and the way the bike remains looking good after use. The Husky is beautiful until you ride it a few hours and it looks hammered with that white plastic. If I had extra money and was ok buying a spring fork for the Husky, I would say you would love the Husky. 


Lastly, I get the deal about being different. So many fucking people have Honda’s. However, I look at what is comfortable and what makes me want to ride when I look at the bike in the garage. The Honda just does that! The FC450’s parts are slightly more expensive and harder to keep in stock at a dealership. 


Hope this helps and doesn’t make you more confused. See you at the track soon! 





Kris I’m currently riding a 2002 Cr250r that I have setup for woods and Hare scrambles. I’m seriously wanting to switch to a 4-stroke. My son has a 2012 CRF250R and I like the way Honda’s turn. Do you think I would be happy on a different brand?  Such as Husky or KTM? I have ridden a KX250 but didn’t like it. I want electric start. Never had air forks and have always heard there not good for woods racing.


Thanks Brent

Love the Podcast too





The four-stroke will be much easier to ride and handle compared to your current bike. The Husqvarna FC250 is such a great motorcycle and the AER fork isn't a piece of crap. It takes a little patience to set up in the morning but works fairly well. It is as good as a spring fork? No. But.... It still works good enough that I would buy a FC250 in a heart beat. The KTM 250 SX-F is not different. 





Chris, Mario Rossi here from good old New Jersey. My question is I am a Yamaha fan but due to being 50 plus I was thinking of leaving my 250f as I ride a lot of sand in the S Jersey Pines and Englishtown MX track but is there a way to tame down the 2018 yz450f (MAKE IT MORE SEINOR FRIENDLY) ,maybe a Senior Rider map or possibly adding a flywheel weight, I am just afraid a 450 may be a bit much but due to the tech on this bike it may be my next love. .Thanks as I am on the road all day and all the listening to the stuff you put out there makes my day go by much faster.. Thanks Mario




Yes, you can get a flywheel weight on there and also tame it down via mapping on your phone. It is a very cool system. 


The 250F is fun to ride and I bet you can man handle the sucker in the sand, however I feel the 450 you might be able to ride lazier (less aggressive) and get around the track quicker. 


GYTR sells a flywheel weight for that bike and there is also a traction map on the Yamaha Power Tuner app you can put into your new bike to mellow it out! 


Thanks for listening and let me know when or if you get her!





Hi Kris, 


I’ll get right to the point. I have an 18 Yz450f. I removed the back fire screen and put on a dt1 filter.
I believe Yam over engineered this bike An the little restricted air box made a hard enough vacuum to suck dirt through the filter and for sure the center filter whole. I didn’t know if you were having any issues with your yz and twin airs? I have pictures to send when you reply. Thanks, Zac





I haven't had any problems with the air filter yet, but I also haven't removed the backfire screen for that reason. I left the screen in just in case some particles got through the air filter. That screen is like an insurance policy for passing dirt. The Twin Air has more coverage and does a better job than the stock filter. The stock filter is horrible/thin and passes dirt through it. 


My suggestion would be to keep the backfire screen in for a little insurance.