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Hey Kris first off wanted to say I absolutely love the keefer tested pods on pulp been binge listening lately awesome stuff man. You will probably see this after LL but wanted to say good luck and don't let Nate dawg or brownie fuck with ya out there!!!! So my question I have narrowed my new bike search down to the 18 Yamaha 450 or the KTM 450, I really like the changes the Yamaha has but I'm curious of your opinion and I really respect what you have to say. I'm a Vet A rider mid 30's about 194 lbs, trimming down a bit still frosty cold ones aren't I the program anymore. I have riding KTM's for awhile my last one was a 15 350 SX-F loved the bike hated the suspension so I get a little nervous with air fork KTM style I want good comfort and cornering so I lean towards the Yamaha for the spring fork. I would love to get your take on this Kris and hope me and the wife see you out at the track some time if your ever near Utah or we make it to so-cal. Cheers bud have a good time in TN!!!!!!! -Nathan

Hey Nathan,

The wife and I have a day off today from racing so I have a little time. 

The new Yamaha is great and corners much better than last year's machine. It is a little light feeling in the front end “on throttle” but sticks well “off throttle” and doesn't push as bad through corners. 

The KTM feels light and the engine is super smooth yet fast! The fork is not as good as the Yamaha, but is pretty good for an air fork. The SSS fork will be better over the course of a long moto day however. It’s more consistent. 

If it was me I would be happy with either bike. I love the way the KTM looks and their brakes are insanely good. However, for durability the Yamaha is better IMO. 

If you're keeping this bike a few years I would get a Yamaha. That's my .02. Both are great, but I feel the Yamaha will have a better re-sale value than the KTM. 

Hope this helps. 




Hey Keefer first and foremost thank you for all you insight and knowledge with dirt bikes. I absolutely love your humor on Pulp Mx. Now to the qustion, I know you are super busy but if you could find time to answer this question it would be much appreciated. I have spent my while life riding Yamahas and Hondas, but i am now 30 and looking to but a used 450 between 2013 and 2016. I have always loved the looks of a Kawi and was thinking of buying one this time around, but my Yamahas and Hondas have always been so dependable. Should I stick with whats i know or try out the Kawi? Thanks you for any help in the matter. Keep up the good work. -Dru


If you want a Kawi I would wait until 2019 as the 16-18 are close to same. The Honda and Yamaha are both great machines for 2016 but the Yamaha is much better. The 2017 Honda is much improved but the older Honda's are rigid and have air forks. If you're stuck on a Kawasaki maybe look into a 2014 as that had a great frame and was very comfortable. It will not turn better than a Honda, but is stable and has a great engine. Hope this helps! 



Thinking about getting the spring conversion kit, I hate how I can't charge corners like I want and it "pushes" seems like I'm always running a flat front tire I had a FC New Hampshire engineer help me set it up and it was great for 2 laps then the feeling changed will the spring kit help this. -Nick


The air fork will not have as much front end bite as a spring fork, but a spring fork will be a little heavier. However the spring fork will not change throughout a moto and will stay consistent. If you have the AER fork, it is the best air fork on the market today and is comfortable on small to medium sized bumps. I feel like once you get a spring fork back on your bike you will have more confidence and will be able to feel your front tire through corners again. 



Hey Kris, 

So I want to say first my cousin recently turned me on to your podcast (keeper tested) and I love it! I have binge listened to everything you have and I'm dying to hear more. so you said you are picky about knee braces as well and I am in the market for a set. my insurance covers medical braces 100% so I want to get a set that offer support and knee cap protection. I have not had a acl tear but I did get a compound tib / fib fracture that left my left knee in a wreck. short of the long I want to get a set but don't want to get into the wrong pair. maybe you can do a shootout or maybe just some advice.

also I had a question about the fox 360 gear. you said you love it and I like the quality but man, the fitment in the knee is terrible for me. I wear acerbic knee guards and I feel like they are the thinnest of all the ones I've worn previous. but when i ride when my knee is bent the material gets so tight on the back of my knee that it rubs it to the point of blood. I had to cut the seam so that they would no longer do that. so I guess I had not so much a question as simply to add this complication to the knee brace search.

thanks for taking the time to read this and I love your show man. I never knew podcasts existed and you were my first. you blew my mind and got me hooked!




Yes, I am super picky about knee braces. The best ones I have tried are the Asterisk Ultra Cells and CTi2's. These are the most comfortable for me and my medium sized chicken legs. The CTi brace is a custom brace that requires you to get a mold of your leg (a pain to do, but worth it). The Asterisk comes in certain sizes and you will have to measure 6 inches above and below your knee for the correct sizing. 

As far as the Fox 360 gear I have not ran into this problem. However I know the Acerbis knee guards are somewhat oddly shaped. I am pretty confident once you go to one of these knee braces you will not have this problem with fit in the knee (unless you're a gigantic dude). The FlexAir and 360 knee areas are snug but super stretchy. If you want some extra room you can look into Thor PrimeFit or Fuse line. 

Thanks for listening and glad to have you aboard the podcast! 




I really appreciate all your podcast you are doing and your honesty. My question is with the 17' and 18' clutch fiber plates possibly breaking on the Honda Crf 450. Could you just replace the plates with a good reputable brand or do you really need to replace the whole system like plates, hub, basket etc. ?? 

Keep up the great work! 


Chase from Utah



You don't have to get the whole kit, but it helps with the overall life of the clutch. With the Hinson clutch kit you will be getting an 8 plate cutch system  that is more durable than the stock set up. I have just replaced the fibers/steels before, but doing that is not guaranteeing that it will not happen again. I have had the Hinson system on for a while and haven't had a failure yet. Maybe try Hinson and see if they can sell you just some replacement plates for your stock clutch system. That is an option.. 




Hi do you know of any stage 1 cams available for 16-17 SX-F 350s? I've checked hot cams and can't find anything.

I thought it would be a no brainier to make a bottom end cam for vets and off-road riders that buy most of the 350s. I have had my ecu done and it's better but I still feel like the power is like a two stroke. I'd happily give up top end ponies for some bottom end.

Thanks Andy



Have you checked Web-Cam’s website They usually have a stage one cam for nearly every bike and are pretty good. I have used Web-Cam on many occasions and liked them. You can also look at Crower Cams website He is known for big horsepower with cams as well. 



Hey mate,
Sorry I couldn't find any thing on your preferred bar on the 2017 YZ?
I listen to the pod and read your article, really enjoyed it. Thanks a lot. -Charlie

Sorry about that. Maybe it was on my "Must Have" pod. 

Going to a Pro Taper EVO bar SX or YZ HI bend are really good choices. 

If you’re going with a Renthal, a 996 is also a good bend. I would go with a Pro Taper first for more flex and to mimic that YZ style bar. Hope this helps!! 




What up Keefer, I just took home my 2018 CRF450R. I remember when you were at dirt rider you would have some recommended clicker settings for the new models. I listened to the podcast for some tips and as always you provided some great tips on sag, and keeping and eye on the coolant. I am a 34 b class speed for about 2 laps lol!! If any advise ill take it, thanks in advance! -Moto Tim

Moto Tim,

Congrats! Break it in first then run around 105-106mm of sag. If you feel like it may be too stiff try this:

Fork: 2 softer on Comp and 1 slower rebound

Shock: 1 softer comp 1 slower rebound. 1/4 turn softer on high speed. 

Otherwise have fun and keep an eye out on your clutch and your radiator levels.