Projected 2018 Race Numbers

The digits are in!

Lead Photo by: ROOGS

Ok, thanks to Dan Truman for tabulating these up here are what we PROJECT the 2018 national numbers to be. Please don't tell me you don't know how the points are tabulated. I won't be able to handle that.

The only NEW rider to score in the top ten in combined points was Cianciarulo and he said he's going with his childhood number of 92.

Zach Osborne will forego his permanent number of 16 for a single digit, most likely #8.

Nick Wey loses #27 (sniff) and Andrew Short will lose #29 (double sniff)

James Stewart should lose #7 by the rules but I'm guessing he won't either because he comes back and races a bit or no one at the AMA can get him on the phone.

Sometimes dudes come here and ride under a one day license and aren't eligable for national numbers, we've seen that here or there. So maybe Herlings or Dean Ferris did that, not 100% sure on that. And the guys that are tied, sometimes the tie breaker is kidn of vague but we've gone off best finish here.

This list should be very close.