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“Maxxis Tires” – Classic Ink #30 “Top 10 Gear Lines”

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  1. I still have a set of the 74-94 Fox retro gear. I unfortunately don’t have the matching boots or gloves. It was a limited run. I only knew about it because I worked at Paulson’s at the time and the Fox rep was a good friend. Cool stuff! The jersey is a total throw back. Old school vented nylon!

  2. Fun stuff! Fox for sure sold the yellow/red throwback gear in 94, I recently discovered my set and sold it to a collector in Europe.

  3. Great trip down mx gear memory lane! I believe Answer’s ‘92 AK-7 lineup deserves a mention. To this day I remember how Jimmy Button’s black, magenta & yellow AK-7 gear stood out on his DGY YZ during the ‘92 Charlotte SX.

  4. No mention of Fro showing up to Glen Helen in a solid black jersey and camp pants in 97? That was the best looking Shift kit of all time.

  5. 1990 Answer Gator print…O’show in the green print on a KX500 chasing Geboers so hard for 40+2 that Eric threw up in his helmet the last lap.

    ‘Nuff said

  6. Opinions are like assholes but can’t believe gear like Sinisalo Ward’s era didn’t make this list as well as some Answer stuff. That Extreme stuff wouldn’t make my top 100 much less top 10??? The Thor is ok I guess but a lot of other stuff I liked better.,22/Searching-for-80s-Sinisalo-gear,1310325,20/My-favorite-pics-of-the-nicest-guy-in-motocross-Doug-Henry,1225335

    1. I was close to putting Answer 1988-1989 on the list. I had the Elite gear in 1990 and I really loved it but it was hard to narrow it down. I can’t agree on the Xtreme hate, however. LOL

  7. AXO BEST EVER. The black yellow pink pants ere the best. I forgot how cool the chest protectors were. Best. Great article and Podcast!

  8. Hi Steve,
    what about Micky Diamonds ANSWER gear as he ran #6 on the Yamaha…..don´t know the exact year!
    Shoud have been mentioned!!! 🙂

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