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The Best Gear Combos in History

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  1. Sorry guys! Nothing holds a candle to Ron Lechien in 1985 riding that super trick works 1985 125 wearing white JT Boots, blue JT pants, and that cut down JT chest protector and ALS helmet !! That was the pinnacle of looking bitchen.

  2. Overall, this is a great list. & before i started scrolling down tge list, i was saying to myslef, “if the PJ1 team isnt here, then ik this list is gonna be way off”. When I 1st saw them at Unadilla I was like “finally, a team with black plastics!”, so great job on that pick for sure. Buuut…Granted, I didn’t read the full article, so it’s possible it was mentioned & not pictured…but the fact that Jeremy Mcgrath’s ’96 team Honda/1-800-collect/Fox gear & his custom Bell helmet wasn’t pictured here is borderline insanity!! That was the sickest gear/helmet/graphics setup ever IMO! Way ahead of its time style wise…otherwise, pretty solid list!

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