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GPs Classic Steel #102: 1977 Can-Am MX-3

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  1. I got a 175 widow new in 77 raised it to a few wins but one day in the 3rd month I
    Was on it and the front wheel and forks separated from the farm because the steering stem snapped in two I spent a week in a hospital and have a few pains still it was a wheely monster which was what I was doing in 4th gear when it came apart guess I should have kept both tires on the ground and not fly it so high

  2. The fact that it won a couple of supercross races against the likes of Bob Hannah proved that properly set up it wasn’t that bad. TNT engine specs and fine-tuning the suspension would make it easier to win on. Pretty much every Can Am needed some tweaking, but then so did a lot of bikes back then.

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