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Moto Gear History Part V: Fox Racing 1974-1989

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  1. I have a pair of FOX racing pants which may or may not be very old. Are they valuable. I have been told that they are, possibly 80s. Image is written down the side of them.

  2. I have a pair of the 89 Dots pants still in mint condition. They still look on point style-wise, at least to me!

  3. I remember when Fox sponsored Pat Richter on a 125. That was about 1976! Saw him at Plymouth Hangtown.
    It was about 78 when I took my 2 shocks into Fox HQ in Campbell.
    Should have stuck with it. Was hanging decently with guys like Magoo and Cantalupe a few times in the 80’s. Didn’t get serious enough I guess. Needed to get in better shape to compete with the best for more than 15 mins.
    Wonder if anyone remembers seeing Hannah lap everyone on the track except Marty Smith (Plymouth Hangtown) c1976? I saw it! 🙂

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