Classic Steel

Classic Steel 124: 1978 YZ250

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  1. Great article Tony, my time with Mx started much later (1992) but these write ups provide an insight into technological hurdles we take for granted today

  2. G’day Mr Blazier
    Just wanted to say thank you for producing outstanding articles man . Without someone actually taking the time to put pen to paper and documenting all the stories , facts, fables and valuable information about these beautiful machines like you do it’s going to lost over time. So thank you again mate you’ve given me alot to read now. You should maybe look into creating a Motorcross bikes bible. I came across a beautiful example of one of these yz’ds today if I can figure out how to attach a couple of pictures I will this one has never had fuel in the tank according to the owner who also told me over half of this page as he used to race alot of these legendary machines when they were Brand new. Merry Christmas to mate
    Yours sincerely Duncan McAuliffe

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