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Just Short Anaheim 1 : Austin Politelli

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  1. UofMX embodies Privateer Support….For 2018 Supercross, we purchased two bikes for Politelli. The concept of UofMX (originally founded by Joe Muanfo, and James Hanson – Global Motocross Manager for Rockstar/Husqvarna) is about 6 years old, however, the actual non-profit and business end was created by Joe in 2014. UofMX is more than just a brand. It’s a family…and a means for a couple really giving, philanthropic people like Joe & his better half, Jamie, to genuinely help professional Privateers (and a select few Amateurs), and encourage all their dreams and goals by providing support any way that we can. It’s about people who have incredible love for the sport, that work regular full-time jobs & side ventures to help fund the cause. We are all out of pocket, and give a large percentage of our own salaries to help deserving individuals.
    Joe is definitely the mastermind, and the idea man. He’s the talent scout, and contract negotiator. Jamie works the back end with Sports Management, the operational business side, and most importantly – take all of Joe’s dreams, ideas & plans, and turn them into actions. The dreamer and the do’er. Two people who are born helpers, and givers. We don’t earn a dime from this. It’s totally about giving back. About showing how random acts of kindness can change the world, one person at a time. What we receive in return is fulfillment, specifically by seeing our riders succeed. Personally, we have four teenage daughters who keep us on our toes.
    We currently sell apparel products, and Joe’s T-handle Holder (patent pending) to help “support our support habit”. The profits from sales go directly back to the riders. Whether it’s fixing/working on bikes for free, purchasing/financing new bikes, providing parts for free or at a deeply discounted rate, paying for license/ entry fees, helping with administrative duties, paying travel expenses (airfare/ hotel/gas), the UofMX is there to assist. Our end game is to help Privateers earn a full team ride, and/or any additional sponsors willing to provide support.

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