Classic Steel

Classic Steel 129: 1996 YZ250

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  1. Good job Mr. Blazier, I absolutely love these articles. Awesome to read about bikes that bring back so many memories and get the inside scoop concerning what was really going on with them. Like most people I was pretty clueless at the time. Great job doing all the research and compiling all the info from various sources as well.

  2. Great stuff! I bought myself a new one of these in Sept of ’96 based on all the great press they were getting. I’d been riding both a 1988 CR250 and a 1988 KTM250EXC at that point and was ready for something fresh.

    Consequently, I still have the ’96. It’s been my only bike since I bought it new. Raced moto with it for abut 5 years, took time off to be a dad, and now I’m racing it in HS and Enduros. Still rips like it did when new. Love this bike!

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