DV on Las Vegas SX

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  1. Eli is the new “fastest man on the planet.” Like the previous one, and we all know who I’m talking about, that makes it hard to stay on two wheels and healthy.

    DV: Great point about the split lane thing. That’s been bugging me for years!

    Lastly, I wish Vegas would stop going outside the stadium with the track. It adds nothing special, but means that ticket buyers miss 20% of the racing. I’d rather see smaller tracks with more action, not bigger with less.

  2. …”One rhythm section where even guys who didn’t make the night show in the 250 class jumped the same way as Tomac.” This has bothered me for years. Double, double, tabletop, double, double. Or substitute a triple in there somewhere — everyone will do it the same way at the same speed anyway. Not sure what the answer is — maybe borrow some obstacles from endurocross.

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