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Tell Us a Story, Doug Dubach

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  1. Steve-

    In March or April 1987, I bought my first new bike of my life at age 16.5 years old….the “sexy” wmx 125…I think it was $2700. Well I called Race Tech on the old land line from Atlanta, GA and the person answers “Race Tech…this is Doug” and I’m like Doug Doubach? He goes “ya”. Well I proceed to grill him about who knows what that MXA or others were saying as to gearing or mods, or whatever to get the Italian Stallion to work better. So funny and your story reminded me of a great time in my youth. Yes, I’ve listened to about 80% of every podcast you’ve ever produced….so big fan.

    Keep up the great work….I really appreciate and enjoy it.

  2. Weird that he doesnt mention Suzuki Country. They did far more for him at that time than Anaheim.

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